Pain and Musculoskeletal Medicine

Special Interest Section
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Pain and Musculoskeletal Medicine section leadership
Chair Kamal Patel
Secretary/Treasurer Jared Jeffries
Vice Chair Cristina Franceschini-Sanchez
Members of this section will hone their clinical examination skills in musculoskeletal medicine and spine disorders.  Members who are recent graduates or in residency would benefit from the clinical education and help to improve their clinical practice. 
Who Should Join
Members who are interested in providing patients with options to improve pain, restore function, and provide high quality evidence-based interventions utilizing conservative care, ultrasound and fluoroscopy. 
Highlighted Activities
  • Provide Educational content related to the activities of the section including web based/digital formats and hands on clinical education (Post-Covid).
  • Members of the section will work to collaborate on best practices in Occupational Medicine concerning these topics.
  • Provide insight to members at large for advocating for evidence-based pain reduction strategies using conservative and interventional techniques.
  • Form collaborations within ACOEM to improve clinical care-delivery across patient populations.
  • The section will also collaborate with the Finances and Practice Management Section concerning coding and billing as it relates to Spine and Musculoskeletal Disorders.