Guidance and Position Statements

Guidance and Position Statements

ACOEM provides recommendations for occupational health professionals on managing various situations which may arise in their practice or state the College’s position on a particular subject. These documents may be based upon the scientific literature or consensus opinion.
Safely Returning America to Work Part II: Industry-Specific Guidance

This document provides return-to-work guidance for both employers and OEM physicians who support businesses in implementing safe return-to-work strategies. It provides guidance on workplace respirator and facial covering use decision-making and summarizes special considerations for different industries (eg, health care, food, general office/warehouse, retail, transportation/travel, construction, maritime/offshore, and energy/utilities). The role of safety and industrial hygiene in ensuring safe workplaces through the hierarchy of controls (hazard elimination, substitution, engineering, administration, and personal protective equipment) is highlighted. Lastly, guidance is provided on legal and human resources considerations including workers’ compensation and the importance of connecting employees to mental health resources.

Workers’ Compensation Elements in Different Jurisdictions in the United States

In this guidance statement, ACOEM lays out a description of various aspects of workers’ compensations systems in the United States, with recommendations for minimal standards and best practices in workers’ compensation.

Safely Returning America to Work Part I: General Guidance for Employers

This document is intended to provide return-to-work guidance for both employers and the OEM physicians who will be supporting businesses to implement safe return-to-work strategies.

Occupational Spirometry and Fit Testing in the COVID-19 Era: Updated Recommendations from the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

ACOEM is providing this updated guidance on how to safely conduct spirometry and fit testing in the COVID-19 era

ACOEM Calls for National Mandate Requiring Use of Masks to Contain the Spread of COVID-19

The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) calls for the immediate adoption of a national mandate to require the wearing of a mask or other face covering in public. 

Utilization Review in Workers’ Compensation: Review of Current Status and Recommendations for Future Improvement

This ACOEM guidance paper reviews structural elements of UR programs and proposes a possible template for operational standards.

Spirometry in Occupational Health—2020

This 2020 ACOEM guidance statement incorporates recent spirometry testing changes into its recommendations to provide current information for all users of spirometry test results, from those who perform or supervise testing to those who only interpret or review results.

Guidance for Occupational Health Services in Medical Centers -- 2019

This guidance statement represents a compilation of pertinent guidelines, best practices, and professional opinions applicable to the practice of occupational medicine in the medical center setting. It includes an addendum which addresses physician burnout.

Ethical Aspects of Drug Testing

This position statement addresses ethical issues involved in substance abuse screening in the workplace.