Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Engaging with the world through a JEDI lens demonstrates how we value people in general. It is not only about our members feeling respected, but also about our patients feeling understood and safe.

What is JEDI?

Justice – Identifying and removing barriers that prevent diversity, equity, and inclusion of difference. Making fair and ethical decisions about the distribution of opportunities and resources through interpersonal and institutional engagement.
(Resource: searle.northwestern.edu/focus-areas/deij/defining-deij.html)

– Being fair and impartial as an individual engages with an organization or system. Involves taking account of policies, initiatives, and practices and taking action to address (dis)advantages based on difference. Often confused with “equality,” equity implies that an individual may need to experience or receive something different (not equal to or the same as something or someone else) to maintain fairness and access. Everyone has a fair opportunity to attain their full potential.
(Resources: brandeis.edu/diversity/about/definitions.html; aafp.org/membership/initiatives/diversity-equity-and-inclusion.html; and searle.northwestern.edu/focus-areas/deij/defining-deij.html)

– Differences of people with respect to, but not limited by, race; ethnicity; color; religion; background; national or geographic origin; age; gender, gender identity or expression; socioeconomic status; language; sexual orientation; (dis)ability status; education; thoughts; political perspective; and skills, among others.
(Resources: diversity.umich.edu/about/defining-dei and aafp.org/membership/initiatives/diversity-equity-and-inclusion.html

Inclusion – Deliberately and authentically welcoming and valuing differences. Different perspectives are respectfully heard and brought into all into processes, activities, leadership and opportunities, and decision/policy making. Every individual feels a sense of belonging and has the opportunity to participate.
(Resources: diversity.umich.edu/about/defining-dei; racialequitytools.org/glossary; aafp.org/membership/initiatives/diversty-equity-and-inclusion.html)
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