Past Lectureships

C. O. Sappington Memorial Lectures

Presented at ACOEM’s annual spring American Occupational Health Conference, this lecture was created to honor Clarence Olds Sappington, MD, DrPH (1889-1949), who was a noted consultant in occupational diseases and industrial hygiene and the first American to hold a DrPH degree.

2023 Jonathan Patz, MD, MPH - Planetary Health
2022 Paul Jung, MD, MPH, MBA, FACPM  - The Future of Preventive Medicine
2021 Michael T. Osterholm, PhD, MPH - The Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases
2019 John Howard, MD, MPH, JD, LLM - Technology and the Future of Work
2018 Peter Rousmaniere, MBA - Patient Satisfaction in an Unhappy Workers’ Comp System
2017 Ron Loeppke, MD, MPH - Leveraging the Power of Prevention in the Global Quest for Better Health & Safety
2016 Ray Fabius, MD - The Future of OEM and the Transition to Cultures of Health
2015 Professor Ewan B. Macdonald – Occupational Medicine – Time for a Paradigm Shift?
2014 Molly Coye, MD, MPH 
2013 Paul Grundy, MD, MPH – Patient Centered Medical Home
2012 Arthur L. Kellermann, MD, MPH – Personal and Population Health in the 21st Century
2011 Mark R. Rosekind, PhD – Fatigue Management: Embrace Change to Enhance Safety and Health
2010 Michael Grunwald – The Swamp: The Everglades, Florida, and The Politics of Paradise
2009 Ken Dychtwald, PhD – How the Age Wave Will Transform Health and Healthcare
2008 Howard Frumkin, MD, MPH, DrPH – Climate Change – The Public Health Response
2007 Laura Punett, PhD, ScD – Inequitable Distribution of Workplace Risks: Insights from Studying Musculoskeletal Disorders
2006 Paul W. Brandt-Rauf, MD – Meeting the Global Challenge of Sustainable Development: Environmental Medicine Without Borders
2005 Arthur L. Frank, MD – Global Aspects of Asbestos Exposure
2004 Dennis E. Richling, MD – Occupational Health: Leading the Transformation of The Health System
2003 Marc L. Berger, MD – Investing in Health-Related Productivity: The Next Frontier of Enhancing Roi
2002 Thomas V. Inglesby, MD – Bioterrorism and Public Health Preparedness
2001 Lawrence J. Fine, MD – Progress, Persistent Hazards, and Proactive Approaches to New Challenges
2000 Samuel Broder, MD – The Impact of The Complete Human Genome Sequence on The Field of Medicine
1999 Joseph M. Cannella, MD – Occupational Medicine – Our Past, Present and Future
1998 Marcia Angell, MD – How Do We Know What’s Risky
1997 C. Arden Pope III, PhD – Epidemiological Evidence of Health Effects of Ambient Particulate Air Pollution
1996 Edward L. Baker, MD – Occupational and Environmental Health: Providing Leadership in The Information Age
1995 M. Roy Schwarz, MD – The Environment and Medicine: How They’re Changing, and What That Means to America
1994 Jan Witowski, PhD – The Human Genome
1993 Dixie E. Snider, Jr., MD – The Epidemiology of Tuberculosis in The United States: Implications for Occupational and Environmental Health
1992 Stuart F. Schlossman, MD – The Impact of Immunology in Occupational and Environmental Medicine
1991 George D. Nelson, PhD – The Challenge of Medicine in The Final Frontier
1990 Denton A. Cooley, MD – The Economics of Cardiovascular Disease: Implications for American Industry
1989 Wayne N. Outten – Confidentiality of Employee Medical Records: Legal Standards and Considerations
1988 Art Ulene, MD – Occupational Medicine: Whose Doctor Are You Anyway?
1987 Diane Chapman Walsh, PhD – The Vanguard and The Rearguard: Occupational Medicine Revisits Its Future
1986 Duane L. Block, MD – How Will We Be Remembered?
1985 Bruce N. Ames, PhD – Carcinogens, Anti-Carcinogens, and Cancer Causation
1984 C. Craig Wright, MD – 1984 and Beyond
1983 Bruce E. Douglass, MD – The Size of Medicine
1982 Bruce W. Karrh, MD – The Influence of Government Regulation: Past and Present
1981 Marcus M. Key, MD – Criteria Documents Revisited
1980 Lloyd B. Tepper, MD – The Right to Know: The Duty To Inform
1979 Paul Kotin, MD – In the Workplace: Crisis, Crusade Or Crucible
1978 Lasalle D. Leffall, Jr., MD – Smoking and Health
1977 Irving R. Tabershaw, MD – The Health of The Enterprise
1976 Miles O. Colwell, MD – The Elements of Credibility: Changing Perceptions
1975 Henry R. Herbert, Jr., MD – Pros and Cons of Relicensure and Recertification
1974 Robert Murray, MD – Transatlantic Occupational Health
1973 Charles L. Dunham, MD – Industrial Medicine and The Environment
1972 Paul M. Ellwood, Jr., MD – Health Care: Should Your Company Buy or Sell It?
1971 Irving R. Tabershaw, MD – Occupational Medicine: The Search for Identity
1970 The Honorable William A. Steiger – Occupational Health and Safety Legislation
1969 Robert A. Kehoe, MD – The Role of Occupational Medicine in Modern Society
1968 Jean Spencer Felton, MD – Care, Compassion and Confrontation: The Correctives in The Occupational Mental Health of The Future
1967 Lemuel C. Mcgee, MD – Training for Occupational Medicine
1966 Leon J. Warshaw, MD – Patterns and Prospects
1965 L. Holland Whitney, MD – Do We Measure Up?
1964 Robert B. O’Connor, MD – The Challenge of Industrial Medicine
1963 Albert H. Schwichtenberg, MD – Aerospace Medicine and Bioastronautics
1962 James H. Sterner, MD – The Industrial Physician and The Adaptation of Medicine to An Industrialized Society
1961 Rutherford T. Johnstone, MD – Occupational Medicine: The Captive Specialty
1960 William P. Shepard, MD – The Practice of Industrial Medicine: What It Takes
1959 Carey P. McCord, MD – Scurvy as an Occupational Disease
1958 C.W. Shilling, MD – Everybody’s Business: The Problem of Fall Out and Radiation
1957 Frank Curtis – The Problem of Producing Engineers
1956 Edward L. Bernays, BS – The Engineering of Consent
1955 E. Dwight Barnett, MD – Administrative Medicine: A Necessary Component of Industrial Health
1954 Edward J. Stieglitz, MD – Constructive Health: Management’s Stake in Industrial Health Programs
1953 Reese Taylor – Industrial Medicine as It Looks to Management

Patterson Memorial Lectures

 This lecture honors the memory of the late William Patterson, MD, FACOEM, an ACOEM Board member who was chair of the Committee on Ethical Practice in OEM. Dr. Patterson led the charge of revising ACOEM’s Code of Ethics.
2023 Sara Gorman, PhD - Building Trust, Combating Misinformation, and Navigating Uncertainty in the Practice of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
John J. Dreyzehner, MD, MPH, FACOEM  - There Will be a Next Time…Can We Do Better?
2021 Earl Dotter - Essential Workers in the Time of COVID-19 With a Historical Look at Personal Protective Equipment in Use
2019 Robert K. McLellan, MD, MPH - Science, Values, and Policy: The Imperative for Advocacy
2018 Constantine Gean, MD, MS, MBA – OEM Physicians: The Conscience of Industry
2017 Gregory R. Wagner, MD – That was Then, This is now. What’s Next? Ethics, Culture, & Values in Four Decades of Government Service
2015 David Michaels, PhD, MPH
2014 Peter M. Rosene, JD
2013 Sandra M. Schneider, MD, FACEP – The Interface Between Emergency Medicine and Occupational Health
2012 Charles D. Rosen, MD – Transparency and Disclosure in Medicine
2011 Mark Rothstein, JD – Ethical Challenges of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
2010 Professor Dame Carol M. Black – Maximising the Health and Wellbeing of the Working-age Population 
2009 Laura S. Welch, MD

George H. Gehrmann Memorial Lectures

Presented annually at the College’s fall State-of-the-Art Conference (SOTAC), until SOTAC was discontinued in 2008, the lecture was created in 1956 to honor George H. Gehrmann, MD (1890-1959), a founder of the American Academy of Occupational Medicine (one of ACOEM’s parent organizations) and its first President (1946-1949).  
2007 Jorma Rantanen, MD, PhD – Challenges to Ethics in Occupational Health in The Globalizing World
2006 Alfred Jay Bollet, MD – Impact of Human History on Epidemic Disease
2005 Jonathan Borak, MD – Science, Evidence, and The Future of OEM
2004 Peter Spencer, PhD – Neurotoxicology: Past, Present, and Future
2003 Stanley J. Bigos, MD – Using Reliable Evidence in Making Clinical Decisions
2002 Alfred Sommer, MD – Epidemiology, The Environment, and Post-Genomic Health
2001 Anthony Seaton, MD – De Sedibus Et Causis Morborum (On the Sites and Causes of Disease)
2000 Marcus G. Wilson, MD – New Strategies for The Recognition of Occupational and Environmental Disease
1999 Herman Staudenmayer, PhD – Idiopathic Environmental Intolerances: Myth and Reality
1998 J. Steven Moore, MD – In Search of Truth in Occupational Medicine
1997 Dan M. Spengler, MD – Industrial Low-Back Injury: Perspectives of An Orthopaedist
1996 David B. Nash, MD – Accountability, Managed Care and The Future of Occupational Medicine
1995 Michael A. Silverstein, MD – Developing the Scientific Basis For Policy
1994 Jonathan E. Fielding, MD – Healthcare Reforms: Political and Economic Implications for Prevention and Occupational Medicine
1993 E. Donald Elliott, Jr., JD – Public Health and The Environment: Beyond Legalism
1992 Sidney Pell, ScD – Epidemiologists in Industry: Past Achievements, Unexplored Opportunities and Future Needs
1991 June E. Osborn, MD – The Second Decade of Aids
1990 Gershon Fishbein – Occupational Health: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
1989 Gerard F. Scannell – The Occupational Health Challenge: Your Critical Role and Involvement
1988 Robert A. Neal, PhD – Understanding Mechanisms of Chemical Toxicity: Implications for Occupational Medicine
1987 Bruce W. Karrh, MD – Occupational and Environmental Health: Learn From The Past: Look To The Future
1986 Lloyd B. Tepper, MD – The Strategic Dimensions of Occupational Medicine
1985 Ernest Mastromatteo, MD – Occupational Medicine: The Tools of The Trade
1984 Marcus M. Key, MD – State and Local Health Departments: Forgotten Resources in Occupational Safety and Health 
1983 Gilbeart Collings, Jr., MD – Examining The “Occupational” in Occupational Medicine
1982 Bertram D. Dinman, MD – Development of Public Policy in The Face of Ambiguity
1981 Paul Kotin, MD – Carcinogenesis: Problems and Paradoxes
1980 Sir Richard Doll – Relevance of Epidemiology to Policies For The Prevention of Cancer
1979 James P. Hughes, MD 
1978 Robert E. Eckardt, MD – Occupational Medicine as a Specialty
1977 Raymond R. Suskind, MD – Occupational Health Education: Transition and Challenge
1976 Jean Spencer Felton, MD – Health Education
1975 Harold J. Magnuson, MD – The Right to Know
1974 Clifford H. Keane, MD 
1973 Leonard J. Goldwater, MD
1972 William A. Steiger – Occupational Safety and Health in the 70s
1971 Katherine R. Boucot, MD – Air Pollution Control in Industry: A Model for The Community
1970 Henry F. Smythe, PhD 
1969 Aaron Bendich, PhD – Cell Transformation and The Genesis of Cancer
1968 John L. Norris, MD – Alcoholism in Industry
1967 Enrico D. Vigliani, MD – Practice of Occupational Medicine: European Viewpoint
1966 Allan J. Fleming, MD – Industrial Dermatitis: Detection and Control
1965 Theodore F. Hatch, ScD – Conditions of Work and Man’s Health: Tomorrow’s Problems
1964 Leo Wade, MD – Occupation and Cancer
1963 Karl Menninger, MD – The Ecology of Soldiers: Observations and Reflections
1962 Robert Anderson, MD – A National Environmental Health Program
1961 Theodore C. Waters – Occupational Disease and Compensation
1960 William P. Shepard, MD 
1959 Phillip Drinker, ScD 
1958 Vernon W. Lippard, MD 
1957 Leroy E. Burney, MD
1956 Emil F. Dupont