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Health Achievement in Occupational Medicine

The Health Achievement in Occupational Medicine Award is presented annually to an ACOEM member for a specific, unique achievement in the field of occupational and environmental medicine.
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2024 Michele Kowalski-McGraw, MD, MPH
2023 André Montoya-Barthelemy, MD, MPH
2022 Marcia T. Isakari, MD, MPH, MRO, FACOEM
2021 Stuart M. Brooks, MD
2020 Lawrence W. Raymond, MD, FACP, SM
2019 Paul J. Papanek, MD, MPH, FACOEM
2018 Robert B. Swotinsky, MD
2017 Richard JL. Heron, MD and Ronald R. Loeppke, MD
2016 David M. Rempel, MD
2015 Glenn S. Pransky, MD
2014 Denece O. Kesler, MD
2013 Mary C. Townsend, DrPH
2012 Harold E. Hoffman, MD
2011 Jennifer H. Christian, MD
2010 Garson M. Caruso, MD and T. Larry Myette, MD
2009 Allen J. Parmet, MD
2008 Bernard R. Blais, MD
2007 Rosemary K. Sokas, MD
2006 Michael Gochfeld, MD
2005 Philip J. Landrigan, MD
2004 Robert J. McCunney, MD
2003 Catherine M. Baase, MD
2002 Peter H. Wald, MD
2001 William W. Greaves, MD
2000 Gary N. Greenberg, MD
1999 David G. Kern, MD
1998 Wayne N. Burton, MD
1997 Richard A. Lippin, MD
1996 William N. Rom, MD
1995 Elias A. Shaptini, MD Mark J. Upfal, MD
1994 Aram Glorig, MD
1993 Fern E. Asma, MD
1992 Bertram D. Dinman, MD
1991 James L. Craig, MD
1990 Harriet L. Hardy, MD  
1989 J. Wister Meigs, MD
1988 Charles H. Hine, MD  
1987 Leon J. Warshaw, MD  
1986 Award withheld
1985 Sidney I. Lerner, MD
1984 Roland F. Wear, Jr., MD
1983 Jean Spencer Felton, MD  
1982 Robert E. Dedmon, MD
1981 George Roush, Jr., MD
1980 Marcus B. Bond, MD  
1979 Bruce W. Karrh, MD
1978 Richard A. Sutter, MD
1977 Raymond R. Suskind, MD  
1976 John L. Creech, MD and Maurice N. Johnson, MD
1975 Alan A. McLean, MD
1974 Award withheld
1973 Donald C. Bews, MD  
1972 James P. Hughes, MD
1971 Award withheld (criteria changed for 1972)
1970 U.S. Public Health Service, Health Dept., Education & Welfare, Washington, DC
1969 American Telephone & Telegraph Co., New York, NY
1968 Dow Chemical Co. Midland/Texas Divisions
1967 Western Electric, New York, NY; Neches Butane Products, U.S. Chemical, Goodrich-Gulf Chemical, Port Neches, TX
1966 Sun Oil Co., Philadelphia, PA
1965 Hanes Hosiery Mills Co., Winston-Salem, NC
1964 Hartford Small Plant Medical Ser., Hartford, CT
1963 United States Steel Corp., Pittsburgh, PA
1962 Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, NY
1961 Chrysler Corp., Detroit, MI
1960 General Motors Corp., Detroit, MI
1959 Kaiser Steel Corp., Fontana, CA
1958 Ford Motor Co., Dearborn, MI
1957 Humble Oil & Refining Co., Houston, TX
1956 Pennsylvania Railroad Co., Philadelphia, PA
1955 Sonoco Products Co., Hartsville, SC
1954 RR Donnelley & Sons Co., Chicago, IL, Inland Steel Co., Indiana Harbor Works, East Chicago, IN
1953 Imperial Oil Ltd., Toronto, Ont., Canada
1952 East Liverpool District Potteries, East Liverpool, OH
1951 C.T. Dearing Printing Co., Louisville, KY
1950 Bradley Mining Company, Stibnite, ID
1949 Rome Cable Company, Rome, NY

Meritorious Service Award

ACOEM’s Meritorious Service Award is presented annually to a member who has provided meritorious service to the College.

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2024 Albert J. Osbahr III, MD, MSCM, FACOEM
2023 Marianne Cloeren, MD, MPH, FACOEM, FACP
2022 Ismail Nabeel, MD, MPH, MS, FACOEM
2021 Karl Auerbach, MD, MS, MBA
2020 Michael G. Holland, MD
2019 Robert K. McLellan, MD, MPH, FACOEM
2018 T. Warner Hudson, MD
2017 Constantine J. Gean, MD
2016 Michael J. Levine, MD
2015 Natalie P. Hartenbaum, MD
2014 Joseph A. Fortuna, MD
2013 Douglas W. Martin, MD
2012 Dean A. Grove, MD
2011 Kurt T. Hegmann, MD
2010 Wayne N. Burton, MD
2009 Reynolds B. Brissenden III, MD
2008 George H. Franck, MD
2007 Kathryn L. Mueller, MD
2006 Elizabeth Genovese, MD
2005 Pamela A. Hymel, MD
2004 Lee S. Glass, MD
2003 Susan O. Cassidy, MD
2002 Alan L. Engelberg, MD and Larry M. Starr, PhD
2001 George W. Anstadt, MD
2000 Mary Sue H. Wester, MD
1999 Paul W. Brandt-Rauf, MD
1998 J. Frederic Green, MD
1997 Elizabeth E. Gresch, MD
1996 Jonathan Borak, MD
1995 Thomas J. McDonagh, MD
1994 O. Bruce Dickerson, MD
1993 Lain Tetrick, MD
1992 T. Forrest Fisher, MD
1991 Thomas J. Doyle, MD
1990 Earl M. Best, Jr., MD
1989 Fern E. Asma, MD
1988 Theodore R. Robinson, MD
1987 Elias A. Shaptini, MD
1986 Key David McMurrain, Jr., MD
1985 Dabney M. Ewin, MD
1984 Joseph M. Cannella, MD
1983 Samuel N. Bacon, Jr., MD
1982 Robert S. Hockwald, MD
1981 Howard N. Schulz
1980 Bruce E. Douglass, MD
1979 Robert R.J. Hilker, MD
1978 Leon J. Warshaw, MD and Miles O. Colwell, MD  (posthumously)
1977 Robert E. Eckardt, MD
1976 Merle Bundy, MD
1975 Norbert J. Roberts, MD
1974 Edward J. Schowalter, MD
1973 Robert Katz, MD
1972 Duane L. Block, MD
1971 Jermyn F. McCahan, MD
1970 Irving R. Tabershaw, MD
1969 L. Holland Whitney, MD
1968 Clark D. Bridges
1967 Harold H. Golz, MD
1966 C. Craig Wright, MD
1965 Jean Spencer Felton, MD
1964 Gradie R. Rowntree, MD
1963 Arthur K. Peterson, MD
1962 Edward V. Henson, MD
1961 E.S. Jones, MD
1960 W. Daggett Norwood, MD
1959 Logan T. Robertson, MD
1958 Alfred Heacock Whittaker, MD
1957 Charles F. Shook, MD
1956 Glenn S. Everts, MD
1955 James P. Hughes, MD
1954 Carl T. Olson, MD
1953 Edwin DeJongh, MD
1952 Edward H. Carleton, MD
1951 Henry Seabury Brown, MD
1950 Arthur David Cloud
1949 Frederick W. Slobe, MD
1948 Daniel Lawrence Lynch, MD
1947 Otto P. Geier, MD
1946 Loyal A. Shoudy, MD

Lifetime Achievement in OEM Award

Created in 1938 by William S. Knudsen (1879-1948), then president of General Motors and an advocate for worker health and safety, this annual award recognizes an individual who has made an outstanding lifetime contribution to occupational and environmental medicine (OEM). This one-time only award may be presented to a member or non-member of ACOEM.  
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2024 David C. Christiani, MD, MPH
2022 Jennifer Christian, MD, MPH, FACOEM
2021 Phil Harber, MD
2020 Michael J. Hodgeson, MD, MPH
2019 Gary N. Greenberg, MD, MPH, FACOEM (posthumously)
2018 Robert K. McLellan, MD and Robert R. Orford, MD
2017 Catherine M. Baase, MD
2016 Kent W. Peterson, MD
2015 Paul W. Brandt-Rauf, MD
2014 Robert S. Rhodes, MD
2013 Tee L. Guidotti, MD
2012 Stuart M. Brooks, MD
2011 Douglas A. Benner, MD
2010 Edward A. Emmett, MD
2009 John Howard, MD
2008 M. Donald Whorton, MD
2007 Clifford Rodney May, MD
2006 Michael I. Greenberg, MD
2005 Joseph J. Schwerha, MD
2004 J. Frederic Green, MD
2003 Elias A. Shaptini, MD
2002 William B. Bunn III, MD
2001 C. Everett Koop, MD
2000 James L. Craig, MD
1999 Dorothea R. Johnson, MD
1998 Roy L. DeHart, MD
1997 C. Craig Wright, MD
1996 James P. Hughes, MD
1995 Alan A. McLean, MD
1994 Robert R.J. Hilker, MD
1993 T. Forrest Fisher, MD
1992 Leon J. Warshaw, MD
1991 J. Donald Millar, MD
1990 Joseph M. Cannella, MD
1989 Bertram D. Dinman, MD
1988 Bruce E. Douglass, MD
1987 Ernest Mastromatteo, MD
1986 Bruce W. Karrh, MD
1985 Gilbeart H. Collings, Jr., MD
1984 Lloyd B. Tepper, MD
1983 Gradie R. Rowntree, MD
1982 Marcus M. Key, MD
1981 Paul Kotin, MD
1980 Leonard J. Goldwater, MD
1979 Merle Bundy, MD
1978 Jermyn F. McCahan, MD
1977 D. John Lauer, MD
1976 Norbert J. Roberts, MD
1975 Duane L. Block, MD
1974 Harold H. Golz, MD
1973 Irving R. Tabershaw, MD
1972 Joseph Sataloff, MD
1971 George F. Wilkins, MD
1970 Harold Joseph Magnuson, MD
1969 Earle Albert Irvin, MD
1968 Jean Spencer Felton, MD
1967 R. Lomax Wells, MD
1966 Robert B. O’Connor, MD
1965 Robert E. Eckardt, MD
1964 E.S. Jones, MD
1963 W. Daggett Norwood, MD
1962 Harriet L. Hardy, MD
1961 Oscar Adam Sander, MD
1960 William P. Shepard, MD
1959 Lemuel C. McGee, MD
1958 Adolph G. Kammer, MD
1957 James H. Sterner, MD
1956 Rutherford T. Johnstone, MD
1955 George H. Gehrmann, MD
1954 Nils Paul Larsen, MD
1953 Alice Hamilton, MD
1952 Max R. Burnell, MD
1951 Robert T. Legge, MD
1950 Edward C. Holmblad, MD
1949 Robert A. Kehoe, MD
1948 T. Lyle Hazlett, MD
1947 Carey P. McCord, MD
1946 Anthony J. Lanzo, MD
1945 Award withheld
1944 Harold A. Vonachen, MD
1943 William A. Sawyer, MD
1942 Clarence D. Selby, MD
1941 Royd R. Sayers, MD
1940 L.U. Gardner,  MD
1939 Clarence O. Sappington, MD

Excellence in Education or Research in OEM Award

Originally the Award of Merit, this lifetime achievement award was first presented in 1957 by AAOM (one of ACOEM’s parent organizations). This annual award recognizes an individual who has made an outstanding lifetime contribution in education or research to occupational and environmental medicine (OEM). This one-time only award may be presented to a member or non- member of ACOEM.
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2024 Alya Khan, MD, MS, FACOEM
2023 Aisha Rivera Margarin, MD, MS
2022 Christopher J. Martin, MD, MSc, FACOEM
2021 Jeffrey L. Levin, MD, MSPH, DrPH
2020 James E. Lockey, MD, MS 
2019 Paul D. Blanc, MD, MSPH
2018 Michael L. Fischman, MD
2017 Timothy M. Mallon, MD
2016 John D. Meyer, MD
2015 Judith Green-McKenzie, MD
2014 Dean B. Baker, MD
2013 Stefanos N. Kales, MD
2012 William N. Rom, MD
2011 Edward J. Bernacki, MD
2010 Jacqueline M. Moline, MD
2009 Elizabeth Genovese, MD and Philip Harber, MD
2008 Glenn S. Pransky, MD
2007 David C. Christiani, MD
2006 John Balmes, MD
2005 John M. Peters, MD
2004 Jonathan Borak, MD
2003 Jorma Rantanen, MD
2002 Linda Rosenstock, MD
2001 Paul W. Brandt-Rauf, MD
2000 Joel R. Bender, MD
1999 Edward A. Emmett, MBBS
1998 Alan M. Ducatman, MD
1997 Bruce N. Ames, MD
1996 Royce Moser, Jr., MD
1995 Roy L. DeHart, MD
1994 Lloyd B. Tepper, MD
1993 Bernard D. Goldstein, MD
1992 George H. Franck, MD
1991 Carl Zenz, MD
1990 Marcus M. Key, MD
1989 Jean Spencer Felton, MD
1988 George Roush, Jr., MD
1987 Raymond R. Suskind, MD
1986 Donald J. Birmingham, MD
1985 Award withheld
1984 Bruce E. Douglass, MD
1983 Merle Bundy, MD
1982 James P. Hughes, MD
1981 Duane L. Block, MD
1980 Norbert J. Roberts, MD
1979 J.F. McCahan, MD
1978 Robert E. Eckardt, MD
1977 D. John Lauer, MD
1976 Anna M. Baetjer, ScD
1975 Leonard J. Goldwater, MD
1974 Irving R. Tabershaw, MD
1973 Bertram D. Dinman, MD
1972 Paul J. Whitaker, MD
1971 Harriet L. Hardy, MD and Katharine B. Sturgis, MD
1970 W. Daggett Norwood, MD
1969 John L. Norris, MD
1968 Joseph Alban Quigley, MD
1967 Allan J. Fleming, MD
1966 William F. Ashe, MD
1965 Carey P. McCord, MD
1964 George F. Wilkins, MD
1963 Lemuel C. McGee, MD
1962 Rutherford T. Johnstone, MD
1961 Arthur J. Vorwald, MD
1960 Adolph G. Kammer, MD
1959 James H. Sterner, MD
1958 William A. Sawyer, MD
1957 Robert A. Kehoe, MD

Excellence In Mentorship Award

Established In 2023, this award recognizes an ACOEM member who made significant contributions to mentoring and training OEM providers. 
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2024 Stefanos N. Kales, MD, MPH, FACP, FACOEM
2023 Kent W. Peterson, MD, FACOEM

Adolph Kammer Authorship Award

Created in 1948 to recognize the author(s) of an article or publication of outstanding significance in occupational medicine, this award was renamed in 1960 for Adolph G. Kammer, MD (1903-1962), an ACOEM past president (1951-1952) and first editor of the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (JOEM). In 1980, the criteria was changed to recognize the author(s) of the most outstanding article published in JOEM during a recent past year.
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Trevor Pugh, DO, MOH; Jeffrey Harris, MD, MOH; Kyle Jarnagin, MD, MOH; Matthew S. Thiese, PhD, MSPH; and Kurt T. Hegmann, MD, MPH, FACOEM for their September 2022 JOEM article, Impacts of the Statewide COVID-19 Lockdown Interventions on Excess Mortality, Unemployment, and Employment Growth
Judith Green-McKenzie, MD, MPH; Frances S. Shofer, PhD; Jarrod Matthei, MD, MPH; Rosette Biester, PhD; Marla Deibler, PsyD, ABPP for their March 2022 JOEM article, Clinical and Psychological Factors Associated with Return to Work Among United States Diplomats Who Sustained a Work-Related Injury While on Assignment in Havana, Cuba
Mary E. Davis, PhD, for her April JOEM 2021 article, Health Effects of Night and Irregular Shiftwork – A Longitudinal Cohort Study of U.S. Workers
Thomas Clausen, PhD; Annette Meng, PhD; and Vilhem Borg, PhD, for their 2019 JOEM article, Does Social Capital in the Workplace Predict Job Performance, Work Engagement, and Psychological Well-Being? A Prospective Analysis
Miriam Mutambudzi, PhD, Tores Theorell, MD, PhD, and Jian Li, MD, PhD, for their 2019 JOEM article, Job Strain and Long-Term Sickness Absence from Work: A Ten-Year Prospective Study.
Alysha R. Meyers, PhD, Ibraheem S. Al-Tarawneh, PhD; Steven J. Wurzelbacher, PhD; P. Timothy Bushnell, PhD; Michael P. Lampl, MS; Jennifer L. Bell, PhD; Stephen J. Bertke, PhD; David C. Robins, AAS; Chih-Yu Tseng, MS; Chia Wei, PhD; Jill A. Raudabaugh, MP; Teresa M. Schnorr, PhD.  Applying Machine Learning to Workers’ Compensation Data to Identify Industry-Specific Ergonomic and Safety Prevention Priorities: Ohio, 2001 to 2011. JOEM. 2018;60(1):55-73.
Sara A. Quandt, PhD; Francis O. Walker, MD; Jennifer W. Talton, MS; Haiying Chen, MD; and Thomas A. Arcury, PhD. Olfactory Function in Latino Farmworkers Over 2 Years: Longitudinal Exploration of Subclinical Neurological Effects of Pesticide Exposure. JOEM 2017:59(12):1148-1152
Nicolaas P. Pronk, PhD; Deborah L. McLellan, PhD; Michael P. McGrail, MD; Shawn M. Olson, MD; Zeke J. McKinney, MD; Jeffrey N. Katz, MD; Gregory R. Wagner, MD; Glorian Sorensen, PhD. Measurement Tools for Integrated Worker Health Protection and Promotion: Lessons Learned from the SafeWell Project. JOEM. 58(7):651-8.
Allard E. Dembe, ScD, Xiaoxi Yao, PhD. Chronic Disease Risks from Exposure to Long-Hour Work Schedules Over a 32-Year Period. J Occup Environ Med. 2016;58(9):861-7.
Harvey Checkoway, PhD, lead author; Linda D. Dell, MS; Paolo Boffetta, MD; Alexa Gallagher, PhD; Lori Crawford, MS; Peter S.J. Lees, PhD; and Kenneth A. Mundt, PhD, Formaldehyde Exposure and Mortality Risks From Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Other Lymphohematopoietic Malignancies in the US National Cancer Institute Cohort Study of Workers in Formaldehyde IndustriesJOEM 2015.
Burton WN, Chen CY, Li X, Schultz AB, Abrahamsson H. The association of self-reported employee physical activity with metabolic syndrome, health care costs, absenteeism, and presenteeismJOEM. 2014;56(9).
Harris Allen, PhD; Marcia Wright, PharmD; Terri Craig, PharmD; Jack Mardekian, PhD; Raymond Cheung, PhD; Robert Sanchez, PhD; William B. Bunn III, MD, JD, MPH; William Rogers, PhD. Tracking low back problems in a major self-insured workforce: toward improvement in the patient’s journeyJOEM. 2014;56(6).
Nathan Kleinman, PhD, Safiya Abouzaid, PharmD; Lenae Andersen, MS; Zhixiao Wang, PhD; Annette Powers, PharmD, MBA. Cohort analysis assessing medical and nonmedical cost associated with obesity in the workplaceJOEM. 2014;56(2)
Ryan F. Hoy, MBBS; John A. Burgess, PhD; Geza Benke, PhD; Melanie Matheson, PhD; Stephen Morrison, PhD; Lyle Gurrin, PhD; E. Haydn Walters, DM; Shyamali C. Dharmage, PhD; Michael J. Abramson, PhD. Occupational exposures and the development of new-onset asthma: a population-based cohort study from the ages of 13 to 44 yearsJOEM. 2013;55(3).
Ronald F. Teichman, MD, MPH, Guest Editor. June 2012 Special Issue – Health effects of deployment to Afghanistan and IraqJOEM. 2012;54(6).
C. Stuart Baxter, PhD; Clara Sue Ross, MD, JD; Thomas Fabian, PhD; Jacob L. Borgerson, PhD; Jamila Shawon, MS; Pravinray D. Gandhi, PhD; James M. Dalton, MArch; James E. Lockey, MD, MS. Ultrafine particle exposure during fire suppression—is it an important contributory factor for coronary heart disease in firefighters? JOEM. 2010;52(8).
Reiner Rugulies, PhD; Birgit Aust, DrPH; Johannes Siegrist, PhD; Olaf von dem Knesebeck, PhD; Ute Bultmann, PhD; Jakob B. Bjorner, MD; Hermann Burr, PhD. Distribution of effort-reward imbalance in Denmark and its prospective association with a decline in self-rated healthJOEM. 2009;51(8).
Edward A. Emmett, MD, MS; Hong Zhang, MD, MPH; Frances S. Shofer, PHD; Nancy V. Rodway, MD, MPH, Chintan Desai, BSE; David Freeman, MS; Mary Hufford, PHD. Development and successful application of a “community-first” communication model for community-based environmental health research. JOEM.2009;51(2).
Sakari Suominen, MD, PHD; Jussi Vahtera, MD, PHD; Katariina Korkeila, MD, PHD; Hans Helenius, MSc; Mika Kivimäki, PHD; Markku Koskenvuo, MD, PHD. Job strain, life events, and sickness absence: a longitudinal cohort study in a random population sampleJOEM. 2007;49(9).
Edward A. Emmett, MD, MS; Frances S. Shofer, PHD; Hong Zhang, MD, MPH; David Freeman, MS; Chintan Desai, BSC; Leslie Michael Shaw, PHD; Nancy V. Rodway, MD, MPH. Community exposure to perfluorooctanoate: relationships between serum concentrations and exposure sources; and Community exposure to perfluorooctanoate: relationships between serum levels and certain health parametersJOEM. 2006;48(8).
Richard Kanwal, MD, MPH; Greg Kullman, PHD, CIH; Chris Piacitelli, MS, CIH; Randy Boylstein, MS; Nancy Sahakian, MD, MPH; Stephen Martin, MS; Kathleen Fedan, BS; Kathleen Kreiss, MD. Evaluation of flavorings-related lung disease risk at six microwave popcorn plantsJOEM. 2006;48(2).
Paul A. Schulte, PhD. Characterizing the burden of occupational injury and diseaseJOEM. 2005; 47(6).
Daniel Rhodes, MD, MPH; Avron Spiro III, PhD; Antonio Aro, PhD; Howard Hu, MD, MPH, ScD. Relationship of bone and blood lead levels to psychiatric symptoms: the normative aging study. JOEM. 2003;45(11).
Burton Lee, MD; Leslie London, MD; Joseph Paulauskis, PhD; Jonny Myers, MD; David Christiani, MD, MPH. Association between human paraoxonase gene polymorphism and chronic symptoms in pesticide-exposed workersJOEM. 2003;45(2).
Jonathan Borak, MD; Greg Sirianni, MS; Howard Cohen, PhD, CIH; Susan Chemerynski, BA; Frans Jongeneelen, PhD. Biological versus ambient exposure monitoring of creosote facility workersJOEM. 2002;44(4).
Lee Newman, MD; Margaret Mroz, MSPH; Lisa Maier, MD; Elaine Daniloff, MSPH; Ronald Balkissoon, MD. Efficacy of serial medical surveillance for chronic beryllium disease in a beryllium machining plant. JOEM. 2001;43(3).
James Burch, PhD; John Reif, DVM; Curtis Noonan, PhD; Michael Yost, PhD. Melatonin metabolic levels in workers exposed to 60-Hz magnetic fields: work in substations and with 3-phase conductorsJOEM. 2000;42(2).
James Albers, MD, PhD; John Wald, MD; Robert Werner, MD; Alfred Franzblau, MD; Stanley Berent, PhD. Absence of polyneuropathy among workers previously diagnosed with solvent induced toxic encephalopathyJOEM. 1999;41(6).
Jonathan Fine, MD; Terry Gordon, PhD; Lung Chi Chen, PhD; Patrick Kinney, PhD; William Beckett, MD, MPH; Gary Falcone. Metal fume fever: characterization of clinical and plasma il-6 responses in controlled human exposures to zinc oxide fume at and below the threshold limit value. JOEM. 1997;39(8).
Margit Bleecker, MD; Karen Lindgren, PhD; Michael Tiburzi, MA; Patrick Ford, MD, MPH. Curvilinear relationship between blood lead level and reaction time: differential association with blood lead fractions derived from exogenous and endogenous sourcesJOEM. 1997;39(5).
Margareta Törnqvist, PhD; Helena Hinsdølandin, MSC. Hemoglobin adducts for in vivo dose monitoring and cancer estimationJOEM. 1995;37(9).
Ruggero Montesano, MD, et. al. Screening for p53 gene mutations in archived tumors of workers occupationally exposed to carcinogens: examples for analysis of bladder tumorsJOEM. 1995;37(1).
Philip Harber, MD; Paul Hsu, BS; Joseph Fedoruk, MD. Personal risk assessment under the Americans with Disabilities Act: a decision analysis approachJOEM. 1994;36(10).
Alan Ducatman, MD. Occupational physicians and environmental medicineJOM. 1993;35(3).
Nancy Fiedler, PhD; Clement Maccia, MD; Howard Kipen, MD, MPH. Evaluation of chemically sensitive patientsJOM. 1992;34(5).
Thomas Robins, MD, et. al. Lymphocytopenia, T-lymphocyte subsets and colorectal polyps in automotive pattern and model makersJOM. 1991;33(4).
Paul Schulte, PhD; Mitchell Singal, MD. Interpretation and communication of the results of medical field investigationsJOM. 1989;31(7).
Award withheld
Edward Baker, MD, et. al. Neurobehavioral effects of solvents in construction paintersJOM. 1988;30(2).
William Halperin, MD, et. al. for the series, Medical screening and biological monitoring for the effects of exposure in the workplaceJOM. 1986;28(8) and (10).
Richard Monson, MD, ScD. Observation on the healthy worker effectJOM. 1986;28(6).
Roger Mitchell, MD; Gerald Chase, PhD; Paul Kotin, MD. Evaluation for compensation of asbestos-exposed individuals; I. Detection and quantification of asbestos-related non-malignant impairmentJOM. 1985;27(2).
Gerald Chase, PhD, et. al. Evaluation for compensation of asbestos-exposed individuals; II. Apportionment of risk for lung cancer and mesotheliomaJOM. 1985;27(3).
William Weiss, MD. Implications of tumor growth rate for the natural history of lung cancerJOM. 1984;26(5).
Alexander Walker, MD, et. al. Projections of asbestos-related disease, 1980-2009. JOM. 1983;25(5).
J.S. Gallagher, PhD, et. al. Diverse profiles of immuno-reactivity in toluene diisocyanate (TDI) asthmaJOM. 1981;23(9).
Sheila Hoar, ScD, et. al. An occupation and exposure linkage system for the study of occupational carcinogenesis. JOM. 1980; 22(11).
Gary Marsh, ScD; Philip Enterline, PhD. Method for verifying the completeness of cohorts used in occupational mortality studiesJOM. 1979;21(10).
Dr. Alan Martin. Dependence of acoustic attenuation of hearing protectors on incident sound levelBr J Indust Med. 1979;36(1).
Award withheld
Harold Hodge, PhD; Frank Smith, PhD. Occupational fluoride exposureJOM. 1977; 19(1).
Carl Zenz, MD, for editing Occupational Medicine: Principles and Practical ApplicationsYearbook Medical Publishers: Chicago; 1975.
W.K.C. Morgan, MD; Anthony Seaton, MDOccupational Lung Diseases. W.B. Saunders Co.: Philadelphia; 1975.
Don Chaffin, PhD; Kyung Park. A longitudinal study of low-back pain as associated with occupational weight lifting factorsAm Indust Hyg Asso J. 1973;34(12).
William Figueroa, MD, et. al. Lung cancer in chloromethyl methyl ether workersN Engl J Med. 1973;228(21).
Award withheld
Bertram Dinman, MD, et. al. Occupational acroosteolysis: 1. An epidemiological studyArch Env Health. 1971;22(1).
William Lloyd, ScD, et. al. Long-term mortality study of steelworkers, Part III – Follow-up; and Long-term mortality study of steelworkers; Part IV – Mortality by work areaJOM. 1969;11(10); 1970;12(5).
S.R.W. Moore, MD. The occupation of trawl fishing and the medical aid available to the Grimsby deep sea fisherman; The mortality and morbidity of deep sea fishermen sailing from Grimsby in one yearBr J Indust Med. 1969;26(1).
I.T.T. Higgins, et. al. Chronic respiratory disease in mining communities in Marion County, West VirginiaBr J Indust Med. 1968;25(3).
Award withheld
Paul Gross, MD. Alveolar clearance: its relation to lesions of the respiratory bronchioleAm Rev Resp Dis. July 1966.
Theodore Hatch. Broadened objectives of occupational health in an age of chronic diseasesJOM. 1965;7(4).
John Schulte, MD. Sealed environments in relation to health and diseaseArch Env Health. March 1964.
Anthony Lanza, MD, for The Pneumoconioses. New York: Grune & Stratton; 1963.
Honorable Mention: Harriet Hardy, MD. Beryllium disease experience with investigation required to establish etiology of occupational diseaseAnn NY Acad Sci. 1963;107:525.
Award withheld
Thomas Shipman, MD, et. al. Acute radiation death resulting from an accidental nuclear critical excursionJOM. 1961;3(3).
Honorable Mention: Katherine Boucot, MD, for her excellent work as editor of the AMA Archives of Environmental Health.
G.W.H. Schepers, MD. Theories of the causes of silicosisIndust Med Surg. July-Sept. 1960.
Adolph Kammer, MD, for his contribution to and momentous accomplishment in building quality in medical literature in the field of occupational health as embodied in the Journal of Occupational Medicine.
William Fulton. Medical department layout and designIndust Med Surg. 1958;27.
Richard Blackwell. Quantitative relationships of illumination and visionArch Indust Health. 1957;16(8).
Leo Wade. Needed: a closer look at industrial medical programsHarv Bus Review. 1956;34 (2); reprinted in Indust Med Surg. 1956;25(4).
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Joseph Denardi; H.S. Van Ordstrand; George Curtis; John Zielinski. BerylliosisArch Indust Hyg Occup Med. 1953;8(7).
Louis Hempelmann, Herman Lisco, Joseph Hoffman. The acute radiation syndromeAnn Int Med. 1952;36(2).
James Sterner; Merril Eisenbud. Epidemiology of beryllium intoxicationArch Indust Hyg Occup Med. 1951;4(8).
A.J. Vorwald; Thomas Durken; Philip Pratt. Experimental studies of asbestosisArch Indust Hyg Occup Med. 1951;3(1).
R.T. Johnstone. Occupational medicine: its role in the social worldIndust Med. 1949;18 (11).
Rex Wilson; Glenn Hough; William McCormick. Medical problems encountered in the manufacture of American- made rubberIndust Med. 1948;17(6).
James Carlisle; Augustus Gibson. Need for scientific research in industrial medicineOccup Med. 1947;4(8).
Jean Spencer Felton. Orientating the new employee in the services of the industrial health departmentIndust Med. 1947;16(11).
1948 Nathan Milliman. Medical departments in small plants – layout, equipment, and costsIndust Med. 1947;16(4).

Vanguard Award

Established In 2024, this award recognizes an ACOEM member for significant contributions to the advancement of the ACOEM mission and/or the specialty of OEM within their first 5 years of active membership.
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2024 Romero Santiago, MD, MPH

ACOEM Outstanding Achievement Award

Created in 2004, this award recognizes the work of committees, councils, sections, or other groups of volunteers within ACOEM.
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•Long COVID Workgroup
•COGA/CSA Joint Workgroup on Lead
•Medical Center Occupational Health Special Interest Section
•Bylaws Committee
•Task Force on Functional Status
•Council on Public Affairs 
Award withheld
Award withheld 
• ACOEM Task Force on Reproductive Toxicology
• ACOEM Task Force on OSHA Beryllium Rule Comments
• ACOEM Presidential Task Force to Develop Comments on the EPA’s Proposed Rulemaking on Pesticides: Agricultural Worker Protection Standards Revisions
• ACOEM Task Force on Guidance for the Medical Evaluation of Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs)
• Silica Task Force
• Council on Occupational and Environmental Medicine Practice
• Task Force on the Use of Opioids
• Council on Occupational and Environmental Medicine Practice
• Presidential Task Force on Fatigue Risk Management
• OEM Essentials Task Force
• Ethics Committee
• Maintenance of Certification Committee
• Ethics Committee
• Evidence-based Practice Panel on Chronic Pain
• Special Committee on Health, Productivity and Disability Management
• Occupational and Environmental Lung Disorders Committee
• Medical Center Occupational Health Section
• Special Committee on OEM Competencies
• Health and Productivity Section
• Ad hoc Committee on Genetic Testing
• Committee on Emergency Preparedness and Response
Award withheld
20​04 • Corporate Health Achievement Award Committee
• Health-related Productivity Committee
• Occupational Lung Disorder Committee
• Practice Guidelines Committee

ACOEM President's Awards

This award has been presented annually since 1993 at the discretion of the president during his/her term in office.
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Kenji Saito, MD, JD, FACOEM, President Manijeh Berenji, MD, MPH, CMLE, QME, FACOEM, FACPM, FIAIME
Matthew Hamm, MD, MPH
Pamela Hymel, MD, MPH, FACOEM
Ross Mullinax, MD, MPH, FACOEM
The Saito Family
Douglas W. Martin, MD, FACOEM, President Patrick O'Connor
Karl Auerbach, MD, MS, MBA, FACOEM
Dan Samo, MD, FACOEM
Janet Martin
Douglas W. Martin, MD, FACOEM, President Patrick O'Connor
Karl Auerbach, MD, MS, MBA, FACOEM
Dan Samo, MD, FACOEM
Janet Martin
Robert M. Bourgeois, MD, MPH, FACOEM, President
Pamela Hymel, MD, MPH, FACOEM and
T. Warner Hudson III, MD, FAAFP, FACOEM; Ron Loeppke, MD, MPH, FACOEM; Richard JL Heron, MD, FRCP, FACOEM; and Melvin G. Bourgeois, MD
Stephen A. Frangos, MD, MPH, FACOEM, President
Paul J. Papanek, MD, MPH; Robert L. Goldberg, MD; Kent W. Peterson, MD; William G. Buchta, MD, MPH, MS
William G. Buchta, MD, FACOEM, President
Robert R. Orford, MD, FACOEM; William W. Greaves, MD, FACOEM; Joseph J. Fanucchi, M; Gary N. Greenberg, MD, FACOEM; Mark Russi, MD, FACOEM; Melanie D. Swift, MD, FACOEM; Pamela A. Hymel, MD, FACOEM; Natalie P. Hartenbaum, MD, FACOEM; Nyla Medlock, MA; Karen W. Cohen, RHIA
Charles M. Yarborough,
III, MD, MPH, FACOEM, President

Robert Bourgeois, MD; Kent Peterson, MD; Mark Roberts, MD
James A. Tacci, MD, MPH, JD, FACOEM,

Dr. and Mrs. Vincent Tacci; Robyn Blanchard-Tacci; James Clark Tacci and Jacqueline Eve Tacci; Lynne Blanchard and David Cidale; Karl Auerbach, MD, MS, MBA, FACOEM; George W. Anstadt, MD, FACOEM; the late Joseph A. Fortuna, MD, FACOEM; Barry S. Eisenberg, CAE
Dr. Mark A. Roberts, President
Roy L. DeHart, MD, FACOEM; Julia DeHart; Natalie P. Hartenbaum, MD, FACOEM; William W. Greaves, MD, FACOEM
Dr. Kathryn L. Mueller, President
Joseph J. Fanucchi, MD; John P. Holland, MD, FACOEM; Carole L. Holland, EdD, MS; Paul P. Rountree, MD, FACOEM
Dr. Ronald R. Loeppke, President
Robin Loeppke; Sara Loeppke; Austin Loeppke; Dee Edington, PhD; Kent Peterson, MD, FACOEM; Robert Smiley
Dr. Karl Auerbach, President
Marilyn Auerbach; J. Frederic Green, MD, FACOEM; Natalie P. Hartenbaum, MD, MPH, FACOEM
Dr. T. Warner Hudson III, President
Robert M. Bourgeois, MD, MPH, FACOEM; P. Richard Emmanuel, MD; Pamela A. Hymel, MD, MPH, FACOEM; Robert K. McLellan, MD, MPH, FACOEM
Dr. Natalie P. Hartenbaum, President
Mitchell Garber, MD, MPH; Mark A. Roberts, MD, PhD, MPH, FACOEM; Donna R. Smith, PhD
Dr. Pamela A. Hymel, President
Wayne N. Burton, MD, FACOEM; Helen Darling; Gary Earl; Ronald R. Loeppke, MD, MPH, FACOEM
Dr. Robert R. Orford, President 
Jennifer H. Christian, MD, MPH, FACOEM; Constantine J. Gean, MD, MBA, MS, FACOEM; Kerry Parker, MPH
Dr. Robert K. McLellan, President
Jonathan Borak, MD, FACOEM; Kate Hartnett; Lowell Levin, PhD; Kathleen M. Schusler, ARNP
Dr. Tee L. Guidotti, President
Cheryl S. Barbanel, MD, MBA, MPH, FACOEM; David F. Goldsmith, MSPH, PhD; Denece O. Kesler, MD, MPH, FACOEM; Katherine H. Kirkland, MPH
Dr. Cheryl S. Barbanel, President 
John P. Holland, MD, MPH, FACOEM; Robert J. McCunney, MD, MPH, FACOEM; James Ryan, MD; Mark J. Upfal, MD, MPH, FACOEM
Dr. Timothy J. Key, President 
Natalie P. Hartenbaum, MD, MPH, FACOEM; Sheldon W. Samuels
Dr. John P. Holland, President
Joel R. Bender, MD, PhD, MSPH, FACOEM; Joseph LaDou, MD, FACOEM; Gilbert S. Omenn, MD, PhD; Kent W. Peterson, MD, FACOEM
Dr. Edward J. Bernacki, President
John A. Schaefer, MFS; Glenna Scharon, APRN, MSN; Shan Tsai, PhD
Dr. Dean A. Grove, President 
Jonathan Borak, MD, FACOEM; Joseph A. Fortuna, MD, MACOEM; J. Frederic Green, MD, FACOEM
Dr. Robert L. Goldberg, President
Emmett B. Ferguson, Jr., MD, MPH, FACOEM
Dr. Robert J. McCunney, President
James E. Lockey, MD, MS; Robert K. McLellan, MD, MPH, FACOEM; Elias A. Shaptini, MD, MPH, FACOEM
Dr. William W. Greaves, President
Kenneth H. Chase, MD, FACOEM; Sidney Shindell, MD, FACOEM; Mark J. Upfal, MD, MPH, FACOEM
Dr. Robert S. Rhodes, President
T. Forrest Fisher, MD, FACOEM; Donald L. Hoops, PhD; Robert H. Moore, MD, FACOEM; Francis L. Purcell, MD, FACOEM; Elias A. Shaptini, MD, MPH, FACOEM
Dr. Kent W. Peterson, President
Cheryl S. Barbanel, MD, MBA, MPH, FACOEM Emmett B. Ferguson, Jr., MD, MPH, FACOEM; Carole L. Holland, MS
Geraldine Hoops, MS Alan B. Jones, PhD
Jack Richman, MD, FACOEM; Donna R. Smith, PhD; William S. Wanago, MD, MACOEM; Charles M. Yarborough III, MD, MPH, FACOEM; ACOEM Staff
Dr. J. Frederic Green, President 
Jeffrey S. Harris, MD, MPH, FACOEM and Ralph M. Wexler, MD, FACOEM
Dr. George W. Anstadt, President 
Robert J. McCunney, MD, MPH, FACOEM and Owens-Corning
Dr. Elizabeth E. Gresch, President
Jonathan Borak, MD, FACOEM; Kenneth G. Gould, MD, PhD, FACOEM; and Patricia J. Sparks, MD
Dr. Roy L. DeHart, President
Donald L. Hoops, PhD

Corporate Health Achievement Award

Sponsored by ACOEM (and GlaxoSmithKline jointly through 2010), the Corporate Health Achievement Award (CHAA) recognizes organizations with exemplary employee health and occupational and environmental medicine practices.
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Award withheld
Award withheld
Idaho National Laboratory
Erickson Living of Maryland, Baltimore, MD
Baptist Health South Florida, Miami, FL 
Bristol-Meyers Squibb, New York, NY
Award withheld
American Express, New York, NY
Johnson & Johnson, New Brunswick, NJ 
Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
URS – Tooele Chemical Agent Disposal Facility, Stockton, UT
Baptist Health South Florida, Miami, FL
Practice Citation

URS Corporation, Tooele County, UT
Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, Philadelphia, PA
Practice Citation

Federal Occupational Health Services, Denver, CO
Award withheld
Caterpillar Inc., Peoria, IL
Model Program
Alcoa, Pittsburgh, PA
Model Program
Olin Corporation’s Olin Brass
Winchester Ammunition Divisions, East Alton, IL
DaimlerChrysler Corp, Auburn Hills, MI 
Quad/Graphics, Sussex, WI
Cianbro, Pittsfield, ME
BAE Systems, Nashua, NH
Marathon Oil Co./Marathon Ashland Petroleum, Houston, TX
Union Pacific Railroad, Omaha, NE
Bristol-Myers Squibb, New York, NY 
Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, IN 
IBM, White Plains, NY
Kerr-McGee Corporation, Oklahoma City, OK 
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
U.S. National Security Agency/Central Security Service, Fort George G. Meade, MD
Model Program
Pitney Bowes, Inc., Stamford, CT
Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector, Austin, TX 
Bristol-Myers Squibb, New York, NY
Dow Chemical Company, Midland, MI
General Electric Power Systems, Schenectady, NY Sherman Health Systems, Elgin, IL
Model Program - Non-profit Services
Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY
Model Program - Government Services
Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory, Idaho Falls, ID
Glaxo Wellcome, Inc., Research Triangle Park, NC 
Allied Signal Inc., Morristown, NJ
Baltimore Gas and Electric Company, Baltimore, MD 
City of Indianapolis and Marion County Sheriff’s Department, Indianapolis, IN
Certificate of

U.S. National Security Agency/Central Security Service, Fort George G. Meade, MD
Johnson & Johnson, New Brunswick, NJ 
First Chicago NBD, Chicago, IL
IBM, Somers, NY
Boeing Company, Seattle, WA
Hughes Electronics Corporation, Los Angeles, CA 
Lockheed Martin Energy Systems, Oak Ridge, TN
1997 Special
Eli Lilly & Company, Indianapolis, IN

Resident Research Presentation Awards

Presented annually by the ACOEM Residents and Recent Graduates Section and the Academic Section to encourage residents/recent program graduates to share their research, clinical techniques, or theory development in occupational and environmental medicine – recipients receive a travel stipend for attending the American Occupational Health Conference (AOHC) and an oral presentation opportunity at AOHC’s Resident Research Abstract Presentation Session.
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Jessica L. Reeves, MD; Leslie Cadet, MD, MPH; David Sean R. Almario, MD; Marina Afanasyeva MD, MPH, PhD, FRCPC; Tracy Lee, MD, MPH; Maria Starchook-Moore, MD; Khaula Khatlani, MD, MSc; Cody Jackson, MD
Amilcar F. Cardona, MD; Scott J. Carlson, MD; Courtland Keteyian, MD; Jason MacDonnell, MD; Hannah C. McLane, MD; Scott Riester, MD; Clifton Wilcox, MD
Craig Anderson, DO; Brent Jones, MD, MHI, BSC; Pearlene Lee, MD; Mellissa Ann Pensa, MD, MPH; Gabriel Pepper, MD; Charles F. Prezzia, MD; Remington L. Nevin, MD, MPH, DrPH; Dwayne Wilson, MD
Khaled Abdulrahman Altassan, MD; Theodore Aquino, DO, MBA; Basim Baragaba, MD, MPH; Yvonne Farnacio, MD, MPH; Mary Gerges, MD; Medhat Kalliny, MD, PhD; Silpa Dhoma Krefft, MD; Ann Tu, MD, MPH
Stephen H. Cho, MD; Jacqueline M. Cook, MD; Margaret Cook-Shimanek, MD; Mason D. Harrell, MD; Sadie H. Sanchez, MD; Reema R. Sikka, MD; Rassull R. Suarez, MD; David Vearrier, MD
Derek Gagnon, MD; Frederick A. Hauser, DO; Stanley Jarman Kimball, DO; Richard S. Langton, MD; Sharon S. Lee, MD; Sadie Sanchez, MD; Michael Sracic, MD; David Vearrier, MD
Jorge Benitez Jr., MD; Roxana Diba, MD; Malgorzata Hasek, MD; Kevin Johnson, DO; Nnaemeka Odo, MD; Vivian Onunkwo, MD; Papiya Ray, MD; Dennis Teehan Jr., MD
Aiysha Ansari, MD; Virginia A. Evans, MD; Oclla Michele Fletcher, MD; George Grimes, MD; Thanjira Jiranantakan, MD; Nimisha Kalia, MD; Sajidkhan Pathan, MD; Pamela Summers, MD; Vasileia Varvarigou, MD; Xing Yang, MD
Stephanie Barnhart, MD; Anne R. Christensen-McDonough, MD; Geoffrey Jacoby, MD; Alisa Koval, MD; Barbara Meade, MD; Stasia Muhlner, MD; Nnaemeka Odo, MD; Brigilda C. Teneza, MD
Diane Ballerino-Regan, MD; Gerardo D. Durand, MD; Rachel C. Fisher, MD; Nita Kohli, MD; Erika Schwilk, MD
Sheila L. Butler, MD; Wilson Lobe Eseme, Jr., MD; Julie M. Fuller, MD; Marlene Gubata, MD; Sandeep Guntur, MD; Stella E. Hines, MD; Saeher Muzaffar, MD; Marc R. Watkins, MD
Shelley A. Arredondo, MD; Andrew C. Kim, DO; Peter C. Lee, MD; Lori A. Rolando, MD; Aaron M. S. Thompson, MD
Belayneh A. Abejie, MD; Muktar H. Aliyu, MD; Alberto J. Caban-Martinez, MPH; Jesse R. Geibe, MD; Eileen B. Greenwald, MD
Marc-Andre Chimonas, MD; Alan Hsu, MD; Amy Nuernberg, MD; Seyed Hamid Reza Naghavi, MD; Jerry Strohkorb, MD
Kristin Cummings, MD; Britt Hatfield, MD; Miriam Shipp, MD; Leslie Tharenos, MD; Roxana Witter, MD
William Cutlip, MD; Marc Croteau, MD; Laura Kaufman, MD; Robert Timmons, MD; Erik Won, MD
Lisa Benaise, MD; Matthew Caddell, DO; Robert Pinter, MD; Michael Staker, MD; Penny Stern, MD
Lisa G. Benaise, MD; Shahzad Jahromi, MD; Sharmila Mudgal, MD; Elpidoforos S. Soteriades, MD; Charles L. Werntz III, DO
Ibrahim Heiba, MD; Edward B. Holmes, MD; Christine R. Medora, MD; William Milliken, MD; Aimin Zhang, MD
Uma A.V. Dhanabalan, MD; Douglas C. Fuller, MD; Dmitry Golovko, MD; Maritza D. Holder, MD;Linda Holifield-Kennedy, MD

AOHC Resident Scholarships

The goal of the AOHC Resident Scholarship Program is to assist qualified individuals in receiving a well-rounded residency education in occupational medicine by providing financial support to attend either a designated ACOEM course or AOHC and thereby expanding their educational offerings.
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2023 Joseph Abrams, DO, Ankita Aggarwal, MD, Christopher Alawode, DO, Jacob Berry, MD, Max Blumberg, MD, Jenny Garcia Castaneda, MD, Brian Chen, MD, MPH, Sally Hamm, MD, Matthew Hamm, MD, Andrew Hong, MD, Shamil Jugnundan, MD, Joseph Kim, MD, Kevan Lutchman, MD, William Martin, MD, MBA, MPH, Michael McBain, MD, Abigail McDonald, MD, Kenneth Motoyama, DO, MPH, Karl Nielson, DO, Balaji Sridhar, MD, PhD, Quinn Strenn, MD, MBA, Katelin Thai, DO, MS, Michael Vo, MD, Mazell Winikor, MD, PhD, Rachael Zacks, MD, MPH


Olawunmi Akinsilo, MD, MS, Yaqoub Alsaidi, MD, Samantha Ayoub, MD, Suneil Bapat, MD, MPH, Rashmi Bhuyan, MD, Zaira Chaudhry, MD, MPH, Rosalynn Conic, MD, MPH, Stephen Craft, MD, Sarah Diekman, MD, JD, MS, Bashir El-Khoury, MD, Elizabeth Esty, MD, Matthew Feeley, MD, Sharon Feng, MD, Kelly Hager, MD, MPH, Alfredo Harb, MD, Melissa Herrin, MD, Daniel Hodges, Reza Hosseini, MD, Dorian Kenleigh, MD, MS, Tran Le, MD, Ann Lee, MD, MPH, Frederic Lu, MD, Matthew Manighalam, MBBS, Ijeoma Ohadugha, MD, Thomas Overton, MD, Richard Pompei, MD, Trevor Pugh, DO, MOH, Alex Rytting, MD, Richard Smith, MD, Kelsey Smithart, DO, MPH, Erica Tania Davillo, MD, Juliet Tran, MD, MPH, Ji Young Nam, MD, MPH
Chih Chao (Justin) Yang, MD, MPH; Neesha Mody, MD; Kathryn Buikema, DO, MPH; Andrew Karasick, MD; Alyson Kil; Marina Afanasyeva, FRCPC, MD, MPH, PhF; Anitha Nimmagadda, MD; Eric B. Smith, DO, MPH
2018 Jessica R. Deslauriers, MD; Stephanie Holm, MD, MPH, BA; Courtland Keteyian, MD, MBA, MPH; Brian Linde, MD; Ross A. Mullinax, MD; Anthony N. Pham, MD; Brian J. Shiozawa, MD, MHA; Eric B. Smith, DO, MPH; Vincent Spilchuk, MA, MD, FRCPC, MScCH; Chih Chao Yang, MD, MPH
Krishna Baumet, MD; MAJ Michael J. D'Onofrio, MD, MPH; German Ellsworth, MD, MPH, MOH; Hiroko Furo, MD, PhD; Brian Linde, MD; Andre Montoya-Barthelemy, MD; Daphney Myrtil, MD; Remington L. Nevin, MD, MPH, DrPH; Mellisa Pensa, MD, MPH; Reza Peymani, MD
Shuchi Agarwal, MD; Wesley D. Boose, MD; Aletheia S. Donahue, MD; German L. Ellsworth, MD; Jeffrey R. Huth, MD; Amy Kerfoot, MD; Mellisa Pensa, MD; Andy Phillips, MD; Yusef Sayeed, MD; Jeffrey Vogel, MD
2015 Theodore Aquino, MD; David C. Caretto, MD; Xiangning Fan, MD; Jesse M. Powell, MD; Sadie H. Sanchez, MD; Rassull R. Suarez, MD; Aaron W. Tustin, MD; Robert M. Uniszkiewicz, MD; David J. Vearrier, MD

Arnold P. Gold Foundation Humanism in Medicine Award

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation Humanism in Medicine Award at the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine was made available through a grant from The Arnold P. Gold Foundation and identified and honored a practicing ACOEM member physician who demonstrates the ideals of compassionate and respectful care for a patient's physical and emotional wellbeing. It was awarded in 2014.
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2014 Marc Wilkenfeld, MD

Global Leadership in Public Health

Sponsored by ACOEM and National Business Group on Health (NBGH), this award honored the achievement of an individual who demonstrates excellence and leadership in implementing programs that improve the health and productivity of the workforce. The award was presented at the NBGH fall meeting, with the recipient being again honored the next spring at ACOEM’s American Occupational Health Conference (AOHC). The award was discontinued after 2015.
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2015 J. Brent Pawlecki, MD
2014 Ray Fabius, MD
2013 Fikry W. Isaac, MD
2012 Catherine M. Baase, MD
2011 Pamela A. Hymel, MD
2010 Martin J. Sepulveda, MD
2009 Wayne N. Burton, MD

Innovation in Occupational and Environmental Health Grant

The Innovation in Occupational and Environmental Health Grant (initiated in 2003 and discontinued in 2010) provided supplementary funding for educational and interventional and/or research projects and programs designed to enhance worker health and/or increase productivity.
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Award withheld
Award withheld
Award withheld
Johns Hopkins University, Division of Occupational Medicine, Department of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, to fund a follow up study on “The Effects of a Provider Network on Disability Duration”
Award withheld
Daniel G. Samo, MD / Evanston Northwestern Healthcare Foundation (ENH), Evanston, IL; 
Village of Glencoe, Glencoe, IL
Edward J. Bernacki, MD / Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Center for Occupational and Environmental Health, Baltimore, MD
Alberto Colombi, MD / PPG Industries, Pittsburgh, PA

Medical Fellow Research Program Grant

ACOEM and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) annually – beginning in 2006 and discontinued in 2011 – presented funding to 1-3 physicians enrolled in an approved U.S. medical school occupational and environmental medicine residency program for research related to a medical standard or relevant issue in the area of commercial motor vehicle driver health and safety.
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2010-2011 Benjamin O. Blagogee, MD
2009-2010 Marc Watkins, MD
2008-2009 Philip Parks, MD
2007-2008 John D. Meyer, MD
2006-2007 Eric M. Wood, MD