Membership FAQs

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How do I join?
You can join online anytime on our secure site or call ACOEM Member Services at 847-818-1800 to request an application.
Who is eligible to be a member of ACOEM?
Membership in ACOEM is open to:

  • Medical doctors (MDs) or doctors of osteopathic medicine (DOs) who have an interest in occupational or environmental medicine.
  • Non-physicians who have attained the doctorate level degree of PhD, ScD, DrPH, or EdD in an occupational and environmental health discipline, a master's level degree or other advanced training in a related field, or are a certified Physician Assistant, licensed Nurse Practitioner, or a certified Occupational Health Nurse (COHN).
  • Full time residents, who have an MD or DO degree, with an interest in occupational and environmental medicine. Membership in the Residents and Recent Graduates (RRG) Special Interest Section is included with resident membership. Resident members receive free membership in two additional Special Interest Sections.
  • Full time medical students, earning an MD or DO degree, with an interest in occupational and environmental medicine.
What are the annual national dues for ACOEM membership?

Dues by membership type:
  • Active Physician Membership (MDs, DOs): $610
  • Associate Membership (Non-physicians): $400
  • Resident Membership: $200
  • Retired Physician Membership:
    • Retired Physicians who opt to receive the print version of the Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine (JOEM) pay $53 annually
    • Retired Physicians who opt to receive the digital (online) version of the Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine (JOEM) will pay only $28 annually
  • Medical Student Membership: FREE
Are there any additional fees to be a member?

New ACOEM membership applicants pay a one-time $40 activation fee (except student/resident applicants). Dues (including component society dues) are also paid at the time of application.

ACOEM Component Society annual dues are determined by each component and listed on the application or in the join process. 

Component society selection is typically based on your preferred address, but you may request membership in an adjacent component society. Component dues are waived for Medical Student, Resident, Retired members.
What type of membership does ACOEM offer to physicians who are retired from active medical practice?
An Active Member who has been a member of ACOEM for at least 5 years, is age of sixty-two (62) or older, and who no longer practices medicine is eligible to become a retired Member.

Upon retiring, a member may apply for retired status by contacting Member Services at 847-818-1800 or by emailing Retired members may retain their Fellow or designation as long as they retain their annual membership in ACOEM. Retired members do not pay component society dues.
How long is my membership valid and when do I need to renew?  
ACOEM Active Physician, Associate, and Retired membership categories are one-year terms and will expire one year from the first of the month after your activation date. You can renew at any time before your membership expires and your membership will extend to one year past your expiration date.

Resident and Medical Student membership categories are valid for the duration of the training period as stated in the verification documentation submitting during the join process. 
How long before I receive my member benefits?

Most of your membership benefits will begin immediately upon activation. Access to the online Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (JOEM) is available iimmediately. If you elect to purchase the print edition please allow 6-8 weeks to receive your first issue of the Journal. You will receive your electronic subscription to ACOEM's Science in the News weekly and E-News monthly during the next cycle after activation.
How do I update my address or phone number?
You may update your information in several ways: Log into the ACOEM member portal and update your profile, email your changes to, or call Member Services at 847-818-1800.

Does ACOEM have online member portal and community? How do I access it?
Certain pages of the ACOEM website are available exclusively to ACOEM members and require an email address login and password for access. These pages contain information, tools or services that are part of your member benefits. The member portal also includes access to community groups for your component society and all sections and committees of which you are a member.
How do I access the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (JOEM) Online?

JOEM Online can be accessed by logging into the member portal from the ACOEM homepage.
Who should I contact with questions about my membership?

Call ACOEM Customer Services at 847-818-1800 or email us at
What is the ACOEM Find a Provider Service?
Find a Provider (formerly "Doctor Finder") is a free public searchable database of ACOEM members who choose to have their specialties, areas of expertise, and contact information listed. This allows members to be contacted for referrals, consulting opportunities, and other professional reasons. To opt in to Find a Provider, simply email with "List me in Find a Provider" as the subject line. Please make sure to include your full name (as it appears in your ACOEM record). 

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