ACOEM 2023-2026 Strategic Plan

Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM) is the medical specialty that identifies, prevents, and mitigates adverse effects of hazardous agents and conditions in the workplace and environment.

ACOEM Vision

Healthy workers. Safe workplaces. Thriving environments.

ACOEM Mission

To advance the specialty and promote optimal health and safety of workers, workplaces, and environments. 

Organizational Values

  • Collaboration: Occupational and environmental medicine requires teamwork. We recognize and respect everyone’s unique value and expertise.
  • Inclusion: We are the home for all OEM professionals.
  • Innovation: We pursue bold and courageous change.
  • Integrity: We make informed, evidence-based decisions and promote quality in the field.

Organizational Goals and Strategies:

The following organizational goals shall serve as a foundation for all College activities, initiatives, and programs, and have been identified as guiding principles by the ACOEM Board of Directors for the three years spanning 2023-2026. 
Goal 1: Deliver essential value that strengthens the integrity of OEM
  • Broaden the reach of the core competency model and align ACOEM’s education and resources accordingly.
  • Innovate ACOEM’s engagement model and prioritize digital delivery.
  • Reduce and reimagine the product portfolio.
Goal 2: Secure the ongoing strength and capabilities of ACOEM to serve the profession
  • Explore the pricing model to ensure alignment with the market and stakeholder pricing sensitivities.
  • Modernize ACOEM’s technological capabilities.
  • Redesign ACOEM’s organizational model and governance structure to support nimble decision making and efficient execution.
  • Reimagine the business model to ensure long-term success. 
Goal 3: Become the trusted home and champion for all professionals who  practice OEM
  • Define and promote the specialty and convey its value and impact.
  • Transform ACOEM’s current culture and approach to align with its core values.

Strategic Outcomes

  • ACOEM benefits are of the highest quality, offer compelling and enduring value, and are accessible to its members.
  • OEM professionals deliver high quality care and services.
  • ACOEM is an inclusive organization where all members feel valued and welcome.
  • ACOEM is a growing organization with a sustainable business model.
  • ACOEM is powered by a lean, nimble and effective governance structure and staff team.
  • Employers, healthcare professionals and the general public understand the value and impact of OEM.
  • OEM practice teams are collaborative and fully leverage the unique value and contributions of each professional.

The ACOEM Board of Directors approved the Strategic Plan at its April 15, 2023, meeting at the 107th American Occupational Health Conference.