ACOEM 2020-2023 Strategic Plan

Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM) is the medical specialty that identifies, prevents, and mitigates adverse effects of hazardous agents and conditions in the workplace and environment.

ACOEM Vision

Strengthening communities and workplaces by ensuring worker health, safety, and well-being and fostering a healthful environment. 

ACOEM Mission

ACOEM provides leadership to promote optimal health and safety of workers, workplaces, and environments by:
  • Educating healthcare / occupational health professionals and the public;
  • enhancing the quality of OEM practice;
  • guiding workplace and public policy; and
  • advancing the field of occupational and environmental medicine. 

Organizational Goals and Strategies:

The following organizational goals shall serve as a foundation for all College activities, initiatives, and programs, and have been identified as guiding principles by the ACOEM Board of Directors for the three years spanning 2020-2023:
Goal 1: Increase Member Engagement and Enhance the Value in ACOEM Membership
  • Expand educational offerings, including CME
  • Provide tools for professional development by career stage
  • Conduct regular member needs assessments to improve member experience
  • Increase opportunities for volunteer involvement to all member types through a transparent application process  

Goal 2: Increase the Impact of ACOEM and Enhance Organizational Effectiveness
  • Develop and provide competency based ACOEM tools and resources
  • Enhance communication and collaboration between ACOEM Leadership, ACOEM Sections, and Component Societies
  • Streamline governance entities to improve organizational efficiency

Goal 3: Communicate the Value of OEM and Increase the Visibility of OEM and ACOEM
  • Expand outreach, education, and promotion of OEM to medical students, residents, non-OEM mid-career physicians, and other health and allied professionals
  • Establish new communication vehicles and educational opportunities for both internal and external audiences
  • Identify, engage, and explore partnership opportunities with public audiences (payors, insurance companies, employers/corporations, or governments) who can be educated about the value of OEM
  • Increase social media presence and engagement
  • Partner with other medical societies and organizations and develop targeted alliances

Goal 4: Advance the OEM Body of Knowledge
  • Offer new opportunities to showcase and support evidence-based medicine and cutting-edge content
  • Increase collaboration and diversify panels for the development of guidelines, position papers, and educational offerings
  • Stimulate research and foster collaboration among researchers and clinicians
  • Identify knowledge gaps and future research directions   

Goal 5: Improve the Viability and Sustainability of ACOEM
  • Identify and develop plans to retain members and attract new members
  • Expand product offerings and enhance access to education to all members of the healthcare and occupational health team
  • Increase content-driven revenue opportunities consistent with the ACOEM mission
  • Identify and develop emerging leaders and prospective faculty while recognizing those who have made significant contributions
  • Strengthen and support the Occupational and Environmental Health Foundation (OEHF)

Download 2020-2023 Strategic Plan PDF

Approved May 2, 2020, by the ACOEM Board of Directors. Updated July 2020.