Private Practice in Occupational Medicine

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Private Practice in Occupational Medicine section leadership
Chair Luke Lee
Secretary Marietta Shapiro
Treasurer Romarius Longmire
Vice Chair Maria Starchook-Moore
Who Should Join?

Definition and Scope of Membership

The membership of the Private Practice Section consists traditionally and mainly of those physicians practicing occupational and environmental medicine independently; meaning that they are not employees of corporations, governmental agencies, or colleges or universities.  As the dynamics of practice patterns and administrative structure within the specialty are ever-changing, the membership now also includes those physicians who are managing, consulting upon or practicing clinical day-to-day direct patient care activities and who have a direct impact upon the financial and professional success of the organization for which they are providing services,  regardless of physician employment structure or compensation arrangement. 


Mission Statement: The mission of the Private Practice Section is to be the representative voice of ACOEM physicians who are involved in the frontline practice of clinical occupational and environmental medicine.

Vision Statement: We aspire to be a collaborative collegial organization that collates and disseminates the concerns of physicians in the private practice of occupational and environmental medicine.  Our vision is to enhance the success of our physician members by:

  • Improving access to and implementation of proven practice management philosophy and resources.
  • Providing marketing and branding resources to increase both our specialty's visibility and the public's recognition of its worth.
  • Advocating for fair and equitable fee schedules and exploring other payment mechanisms that reflect the true value of our expertise.
  • Safeguarding our scope of practice.
  • Promoting educational offerings focused on practical clinical knowledge and skills.
  • Monitoring local, state and federal political debate and regulatory changes that affect our practices, working with the ACOEM lobbyist as appropriate.  

Values Statement: Our members:

  • Practice quality evidence based occupational and environmental medicine.
  • Ascribe to the ACOEM Code of Ethics.
  • Expect reasonable remuneration for their work expertise in occupational and environmental Medicine.
  • Keep abreast of regulatory and health care reform changes that impact practices with the support of other sections, components, committees, boards and officers of  ACOEM.
  • Work together in a legal manner to achieve greater acceptance and remuneration from the insurance industry and other payers.
  • Work together to promote the practice of occupational and environmental medicine as a specialty, provide a greater public understanding of our field, dispel myths and serve as a public resource for issues that fall within our field of expertise.
  • Serve as resources to ACOEM for input into the daily clinical practice of occupational and environmental medicine.
Highlighted Activities 
  • Hold annual in-person section meeting at AOHC.
  • Work on compensation and member benefit focus.