Council on Membership

Reports To Board of Directors
Leadership Chair and Vice Chair
Member Composition Chair, Vice Chair, 4 Committee Chairs, 2-7 Members at Large (Fellows, Active), 1 Associate Member, 1 Resident Member 
Committee Size Limit 10 - 15
2020-2022 Chair Laura Gillis, MD 
2020-2022 Vice Chair Francesca Litow, MD 

Council Charges

Supports the College's Strategic plan, mission, vision, and budgetary plan.

Provides the Board of Directors a quarterly report outlining the health and viability of membership within the College.

Identifies needs of members through surveys, industry research, and direct feedback.

Makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on member recruitment, retention, and engagement initiatives.

Proposes changes in membership categories, dues structure, and member benefits that:
     a)  Support the purpose, vision, and mission of the College,
     b)  Support the growth of ACOEM membership and programs,
     c)  Enhance membership value, and
     d)  Support a viable and healthy organization.

Identifies and recommends opportunities to enhance component and section engagement.

Develops materials and programs to welcome and orient new members.

Advocates within the field of OEM to promote and enhance the prestige of ACOEM membership.

Develops or prepares public positions for review and approval of the ACOEM Executive Committee.

​Composition and Charges last updated May 2020.