MOC Part IV Review Committee

Reports To Council on Education and Academic Affairs
Leadership Chair and Vice Chair
Member Composition ACOEM Fellows
Committee Size Limit 20 - 25
2020-2022 Chair Denece O. Kesler, MD
2020-2022 Vice Chair Karl Auerbach, MD 

Committee Charges

Supports the College's Strategic plan, mission, vision, and budgetary plan.

Understands and interprets ABPM Maintenance of Certification Requirements.

Reviews submitted MOC Part 4, Improvement in Medical Practice (IMP), modules as submitted by physicians (board certified by ABPM in any of the specialties or subspecialties), identifying evidence of practice performance assessment and improvement.

Reviews the ACOEM MOC Part 4 processes and forms to maintain compliance with current requirements.

​Composition and Charges last updated May 2020.