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AOHC 2024 Poster Presentations
Pacifica Ballroom 6-7

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Poster Number Title Presenter Type
501 Enhancing Maritime Telemedicine Knowledge, Perception, and Availability for Seafarer Safety in the Gulf of Guinea: A Quantitative Study Among Nigerian Maritime Workers Obiageli N Uraih, MD, MPH,Mphil Individual Scientific Abstract
502 A Comprehensive Approach to Preventing Workplace Injuries and Employee Optimization Jeffrey E Vogel, MD, MPH, MD, MPH Individual Scientific Abstract
503 A Mixed-Methods Exploration of Workplace Violence in Hospitals: Implications for Supporting Healthcare Workers Ricardo D Suarez Rojas, MA, MSW Individual Scientific Abstract
504 Accuracy Assessment of Occupational Health Vision Exams in Evaluating the Fitness of Physicians for Surgical Procedures: A Comparative Study with Ophthalmologist Benchmarks. Pheerasak  Assavanopakun, MD, MSc Individual Scientific Abstract
505 Analysis of the Association between Army Aviation and Deep Venous Thrombosis  Andrew M Glenn, DO, MPH Individual Scientific Abstract
506 Assessing work disability risk factors and complexity to balance return-to-work coordinator panels and standardize service delivery Karen  Huyck, MD, PhD, MPH, FACOEM Individual Scientific Abstract
507 Beyond Exhaustion: A multidimensional assessment of occupational stress and burnout among high school teachers Hicham  Guider, Ph.D Individual Scientific Abstract
508 Caring for Post-9/11 Veterans in the Civilian Sector: Knowledge and Readiness of Healthcare Providers Chelsey  Simoni,, APRN, MSN, MPH Individual Scientific Abstract
509 Defining core competencies for return-to-work coordinators outside the workers' compensation setting.  Karen  Huyck, MD, PhD, MPH, FACOEM Individual Scientific Abstract
510 Dynamics of Work Absences in Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Populations during the COVID-19 Pandemic Dominic M Etli, DNP Individual Scientific Abstract
511 Embedding Work Coaches in UK Primary Care: Findings from an interview-based study Lanre  Ogunyemi, FFOM FFOMI FACOEM FRCPI Individual Scientific Abstract
512 Evaluation of effectiveness and efficiency of devices connected to the Internet of Thing in the healthcare field and their use in the workers’ health prevention and protection. Antonella AM Marrocco, MD Individual Scientific Abstract
513 Government Regulation Enforcement on Mass Casualties Management Plan in Upstream Oil and Gas in Indonesia: A lesson learned of work incident fatalities Ade  Mutiara, MD, MOM, OM Individual Scientific Abstract
514 Health and Wellness digital application engagement as the positive factor to increase the success in promoting healthy lifestyle: A descriptive study in Oil and Gas Company in Indonesia Ade  Mutiara, MD, MOM, OM Individual Scientific Abstract
515 Heat stress and work-related injuries and illnesses: regulatory and medico-legal aspects towards workers' health and safety protection. Antonella AM Marrocco, MD Individual Scientific Abstract
516 Impact of Autonomous Drones in Blue Economy on Health and Safety of Nigerian Seafarers: An Exploratory Study ObiaGeli N Uraih, MD, MPH,Mphil Individual Scientific Abstract
517 Improving access to return-to-work resources for workers with low literacy Karen  Huyck, MD, PhD, MPH, FACOEM Individual Scientific Abstract
518 Integrating work-health support into the medical home Karen  Huyck, MD, PhD, MPH, FACOEM Individual Scientific Abstract
519 International Classification of Functioning in Vocational Rehabilitation: an instrument for assessing individuals´ function and intervention needs as well as a measurement tool and its ability to predict return to work Jonina  Waagfjord, PT Individual Scientific Abstract
520 Loneliness in the workplace: a systematic review and meta-analysis Bridget  Bryan, MSc Individual Scientific Abstract
521 Successful strategies for identifying workers at risk for work disability Karen  Huyck, MD, PhD, MPH, FACOEM Individual Scientific Abstract
522 The Effects of the Physical and Professional Workplace Environments on the Well-Being of Nursing Staff Farah  Haq, MD Individual Scientific Abstract
523 The impact of automation and artificial intelligence on worker well-being. Antonella AM Marrocco, MD Individual Scientific Abstract
524 The Journey to Ten Million Man Hours Zero Lost Time Injury in a Construction Company in the Philippines Elena  Ramirez, MD, MOH, FPCOM Individual Scientific Abstract
525 The Veteran Military Occupational and Environmental Exposure Assessment Tool (VMOAT): a Comprehensive, Structured Self-Report Military Exposure Questionnaire John  Barrett, MD, MPH, MS Individual Scientific Abstract
526 Timing of Initial Hepatitis B Vaccine Schedule and Impact on Pre-Employment Screening Procedure for Healthcare Workers Elizabeth H Lees, DO Individual Scientific Abstract
527 Uncover the new Facts on Lead Exposure for adult and children: A Descriptive-Cross sectional study of Lead Exposure in Java, Indonesia Ade  Mutiara, MD, MOM, OM Individual Scientific Abstract
528 Validation of a new cognitive work capabilities form  Karen  Huyck, MD, PhD, MPH, FACOEM Individual Scientific Abstract
529 Waste - Water Epidemiology as a Public Health Tool for Monitoring of SARS Cov-2 RNA  Thywill O Otuo, MD, MPH Individual Scientific Abstract
530 7-Year Time-Series Describing Follow-Up of Workers' Compensation Claims Initiated in the Emergency Department at a Major Pacific Northwest Urban Medical Center  Anderson  Penha, MD, MAS Resident Research Abstract
531 A Comprehensive Clinical Decision Support Tool for Low Back Pain Diagnosis and Management: Prototype Design Heather H Macalma, MD Resident Research Abstract
532 A Meta-Epidemiologic Study of Methods used to Account for Concurrent Treatments in Randomized Controlled Trials of Pain Interventions Balaji V Sridhar, MD, PhD Resident Research Abstract
533 A Simple Safety Walkthrough Tool for Identifying and Prioritizing Worksite Occupational Hazards nathalee  Belser, md Resident Research Abstract
534 A Systematic Review of the Predictors of Altitude Sickness in Workers: Preventing Altitude Illness at the Pre-employment Exam Anne Christine  Zender-Princeton, DO Resident Research Abstract
535 Acute Rotator Cuff Muscle Tear Comparison between the General Population and Worker's Compensation Population in East Texas Foster  Lerner, DO Resident Research Abstract
536 Assessing Mid-Career Female Physician Burnout in the Military Health System (MHS): Finding Joy in Military Medicine after the COVID-19 Pandemic Lisa  SHAW, MD Resident Research Abstract
537 Comparison of Testicular Cancer Rates between Army Aviation and Non-aviation Officers Julissa  Mendoza, MD Resident Research Abstract
538 Correlating U.S. Army Aviation Unit Safety Culture with Unit Safety Records Yiwei  Jiao, DO, MPH Resident Research Abstract
539 Correlation Between In-Service Exam Scores and Succesful Board Certification in Preventive Medicine Specialities  Andrew J Sullivan, DO, MS Resident Research Abstract
540 Cross-sectional Study on the Prevalence of Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Firefighters in North East Texas.  Oluwafisayo  Adekoya, MD Resident Research Abstract
541 Cutaneous Blastomycosis in a Veterinarian following Needlestick Injury James  Lo, D.O. Resident Research Abstract
542 Enhancing Influenza Vaccination Uptake Among Workers Aged 25-50: A Quality Improvement Initiative Ahmed Jan  Malazai, MD Resident Research Abstract
543 Enhancing Transportation Safety through Sleep Apnea Management: the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's OSA Program Cameron H Kiani, MD Resident Research Abstract
544 Ethical Analysis of Public Health Surveillance Technology Thomas  Holcombe, MD Resident Research Abstract
545 Exploring Prolonged Workforce Reintergration Following COVID-19 Infections in American Oil Refinery Workers: An Epidemiological Analysis Rhoda  Jones, MD, MSPH Resident Research Abstract
546 For Faster Recovery, Prioritize Reconstruction Workers Bill  Christian, MD, MPH Resident Research Abstract
547 Havana Syndrome from an Occupational and Environmental Medicine Perspective (OEM): A Scoping Review Hasan  Nezam, MD, MS, MBA, GCBA Resident Research Abstract
548 Heat Related Illness and Considerations for Adverse Long-Term Effects in Firefighters: A case of acute kidney injury in a 30-year-old male firefighter recruit with acquired solitary kidney Erin  Bammann, MD Resident Research Abstract
549 Lessons from Exertional Heat Stroke in the Military Personnel Jacob R Berry, MD, MPH Resident Research Abstract
550 Minnesota's Hometown Heroes Assistance Program: Initial Cancer Insights Dominik S Dabrowski, MD, MPH Resident Research Abstract
551 Online Training in Motivational Interviewing for Occupational Health Providers to Address Vaccine Hesitancy Magdi  Elghannam, BS Resident Research Abstract
552 Outcomes of the NASA Aerospace Medicine Clerkship 2011-2012  Race  Creeden, MD Resident Research Abstract
553 Poster Presentation: Comparative Analysis of Cardiovascular Disease Trends in Army Helicopter Pilots, US Population, and South African Population, 1998 - 2016 Jelaun K Newsome, DO, MPH, MBA Resident Research Abstract
554 Potential for predictive association of provocative wrist testing on physical exam with future abnormal nerve conduction studies in workers Heather H Macalma, MD Resident Research Abstract
555 Prevalence of alcohol dependence and abuse, and binge drinking among military spouses Katelin  Thai, DO Resident Research Abstract
556 Psychological distress in active-duty United States service members who utilized mental health services Mitchel  Cordes, MD Resident Research Abstract
557 Return to work strategies and management of workers with prolonged work-related concussion symptoms Ana P de Oliveira Pereira, MD, MPH Resident Research Abstract
558 Risk Assessment of Blood-Borne Pathogen Exposure for Emergency Responders Jill A Ireland, MD, MSPH Resident Research Abstract
559 The impact of equity considerations in organizational-level workplace physical activity interventions and their associated outcomes Brian M Chen, MD, MPH Resident Research Abstract
560 The impact of firefighters' work schedule on cardiovascular disease risk, wellbeing, and safety in firefighters. Walaa  Abdelmoaty, MD MBA MOH Resident Research Abstract
561 The Impact of Mental Health Disorders On Low Back Pain Development Among Workers: A Prospective Cohort Study. Heather H Macalma, MD Resident Research Abstract
562 Challenges in Managing Recurrent Burn Injuries in Firefighters: A Clinical Case Study  Ankita  Aggarwal, MD Resident Research Abstract
563 Toxicokinetics of Manganese Neurotoxicity in a Stainless-Steel Welder and Appropriate Biomarker Selection Sohyun Laura  Chung, MD Resident Research Abstract
564 Tracing the Unseen Epidemic: What Can Google Trends Teach Us About Long COVID in the United States? King  Pascual, MD, MAT Resident Research Abstract
565 Twenty Years of U.S. Army Rotary Wing Spatial Disorientation Mishaps, 2002-2021 Heung R Noh, MD Resident Research Abstract
566 Work related musculoskeletal injury and Ergonomic interventions for preventing work-related musculoskeletal disorders Samiksha ss Srivastava, MD Resident Research Abstract
567 Elevating Vaccination Uptake: Insights from the Ishikawa 'VACCINE' Model Supreet Khare, MD Resident Research Abstract
568 Beyond Four Walls: A systematic review of the Dangers of Sick Building Syndrome Frank Harris, MD Resident Research Abstract