OEMME Awards

Past OEMME Award Winners

The Occupational and Environmental Medicine Media Excellence (OEMME) Awards were established in 2021 to recognize and honor efforts by journalists who promote understanding of occupational and environmental medicine and/or increase public awareness of workplace health, prevention, and/or wellbeing. Learn More

2024 OEMME Award Recipients

Written Journalism

Emily Alpert ReyesLA Times
California embraces emergency rules to protect countertop workers from incurable silicosis
Dené Dryden, Rochester Post Bulletin
A prototype program aims to keep Minnesotans employed during health setbacks. Will it become permanent?
Nell Greenfieldboyce, National Public Radio
Young men making quartz countertops are facing lung damage. One state is taking action
Benjamin Ryan, The Atlantic
Whatever Happened to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Broadcast Journalism  

DeJuan Hoggard, ABC – Raleigh, NC
Construction Workers Battle the Heat

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2023 OEMME Award Recipients

Written Journalism
Katie Camero, BuzzFeed News          
Health Risks Linked To Working In The Cannabis Industry Are Largely Unknown, But A 27-Year-Old’s Death Reveals The Potential Dangers           

Christina Cooke, Civil Eats     
Animal Agriculture Is Dangerous Work. The People Who Do It Have Few Protections
Clarissa Donnelly-DeRoven, North Carolina Health News   
Study finds Latino workers die of occupational injuries at higher rates than other groups

Lisa Held, Civil Eats     
Why Aren’t Federal Agencies Enforcing Pesticide Rules That Protect Farmworkers?           
Keren Landman, Vox  
Our buildings are making us sick       
OEM / Trade-Specific Publication (Broadcast, Written, or Multimedia)        
Yael Maxwell, TCTMD 
Radiation Exposure ‘Extraordinarily’ High for Imagers in Structural Procedures     

Mustard C, Tompa E, Yanar B, Saunders R, Ontario Institute for Work and Health          
Estimating the financial return on employers’ investments in the prevention of work injuries in Ontario  

Multimedia Journalism        
Jessica Bartlett, The Boston Globe      
Voices from the front lines     

Student Journalism  

Eli Cahan, USA Today / Capital & Main  

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2022 OEMME Award Recipients 

Written Journalism
Multimedia Journalism
  • Special Series: Hot Days: Heat's Mounting Death Toll On Workers In the U.S.
    • Heat is killing workers in the U.S. — and there are no federal rules to protect them
      • Julia Shipley
      • Brian Edwards
      • David Nickerson
      • Robert Benincasa
      • Stella Chavez
      • Cheryl W. Thompson
    • As Nation Gets Hotter, Efforts to Prevent Worker Heat Deaths Accelerate, But Fixes Aren’t As Simple As They Seem
      • Kim Krisberg
    • California Firefighters Keep Getting Injured During Training. Some Have Died / Higher Temperatures and Less Oversight Mean Workers are at a Growing Risk in The Climate Emergency
      • Brian Edwards
      • Jacob Margolis
    • New Investigation Targets Heat Exposure Deaths Across Texas and the U
      • Rhonda Fanning
      • Wells Dunbar
    • Texas Workers Are Dying In The Summer Heat, and Companies Aren’t Being Held Accountable
      • David Nickerson
      • Julia Shipley
      • Stella M. Chávez
      • Sara Ernst
OEM/Trade-Specific Publication Journalism
COVID-19 Reporting 
Student Journalism
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2021 OEMME Award Recipients

Broadcast Journalism (TV, internet livestream)
Multimedia Journalism (digital storytelling, other)
Written Journalism (Newspaper / Online Journalism)
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