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    Smart business leaders are confronting spiraling health costs in a new way: by promoting a healthier workforce. They recognize that health and wellness programs can actually improve productivity, bringing a better return to the bottom line than mere cost containment.

    This concept is at the heart of a major new ACOEM initiative:

    The Health and Productivity Management Center
    Housed at ACOEM headquarters in suburban Chicago, the HPM Center offers the most comprehensive mix of Health and Productivity Management services in the nation — from the leading experts on HPM.

    Educational course the  HPM Clinic — Ranging from 2-3 hours to full day; can be customized for in-house training or in conjunction with regional or national meetings, the course is packed with hands-on instruction in the principles of HPM. E-mail memberinfo@acoem.org for more information.

    “ACOEM'S mission is to promote healthier, more productive workplaces, and the HPM Toolkit offers practical advice and resources to help achieve this goal. It is by far the most comprehensive collection of educational material on the topic of HPM available anywhere today.”