ACOEM Is Improving YOUR Member Experience

Check out what's coming in 2020!

  • Webinars: More in 2020! Live and on-demand access, ACOEM webinars will feature a variety of OEM hot topics -- most will be complimentary for members or available at a nominal charge based on the program. Eligible webinars may include CME.  
  • Podcasts: NEW in 2020!  "Occ Pod: The Official ACOEM Podcast," will discuss a variety of ACOEM and broader OEM issues -- featuring ACOEM members -- and will be accessible from wherever you listen to podcasts.
  • ACOEM Quarterly: NEW in 2020! This new quarterly publication will be an opportunity for ACOEM's Councils, Board, and Members, as well as Component Societies and Special Interest Sections to share updates with all our members. Some clinical content may be included as well. Regular segments are expected to cover advocacy, career, and OEM community-related issues.
  • ACOEM Community Site: Coming Soon! We're performing a major overhaul of the ACOEM Community site to provide you with true listserv functionality, improved document sharing, and networking opportunities with your component, section, and committee colleagues.  
  • Volunteer and Leadership Opportunities: Coming Soon! Look for more ways to be involved in ACOEM in 2020! 
  • Legislative/Regulatory Update Webinars: Expanded -- Now 4 times a year! Stay abreast of happenings on Capitol Hill and the potential effects on you, your patients, and your community.
  • Marketing Toolkit: NEW! Marketing toolkit developed by the WFD section and other resources that will help you promote your practice and personal brand. 
  • Member Directories: Enhanced!  We have enhanced the public-facing Find a Provider tool to help others find you! Now with more robust filters, Find a Provider is a fully functional yet simple search engine on the ACOEM homepage. Find a Provider is an opt-in service (you will not be listed in search results unless you indicate on your profile).  We have also updated the member's only Member Directory with similar improvements.
  • Science in the News: Rebranded! This weekly evidence-based scientific enewsletter is being updated to deliver optimized content to the individual reader.
  • Career Center: Improved! Now with better filters and "hotter" opportunities, post an open position or make your next big career move.
  • Idea Marketplace: Relaunch Coming Soon! A repository of categorized OEM information and presentations, the marketplace will be housed in ACOEM's updated Community and is a forum to explore and share ideas in an environment meant to stimulate and expand your OEM knowledge.
  • ACOEM Connect Portal: Refreshed in 2020! An update to the Connect portal is in the works. We will be rolling out improvements to the overall member experience on the portal to make it more friendly.