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Forum articles consist of pertinent questions and answers to COVID-19 as it relates to the practice of occupational and environmental medicine.

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This content is peer-reviewed by the ACOEM COVID-19 Workgroup: Beth Baker, MD, MPH; Michael Fischman, MD, MPH; Judith Green McKenzie, MD, MPH; Phil Harber, MD, MPH; Natalie Hartenbaum, MD, MPH; Marilyn Howarth, MD; Warner Hudson, MD; Michael Levine, MD, MPH; Gordon Manin, MD, MPH; Ismail Nabeel, MD, MPH; Gregg Stave, MD, JD, MPH; and Melanie Swift, MD, MPH

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What are your thoughts about testing following high risk travel? Should testing be done within 72h of travel or should that employee wait 5 days after his/her travel?

Question F2, Version 1.0, October 19, 2020

For the COVID-19 vaccine, please comment on antibody‐dependent enhancement and other potential adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccines.

Question E2, Version 1.0, October 14, 2020

How should the annual seasonal influenza campaign be addressed in times of COVID-19 in healthcare and other settings?

Question D2, Version 1.0, September 22, 2020