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Webinar 1.0 cme credits

Update on Arsenic: Health Effects, Monitoring, Prevention ~ What the Occupational/Environmental Medicine Practitioner Needs to Know

Arsenic exposure occurs in various occupational and environmental settings. This webinar will describe the different forms of arsenic and relevant health effects, methods of assessment (particularly proper biological monitoring tests and interpretation of results), interventions, treatment, prevention, regulations and avoidance of pitfalls in assessment.

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Webinar 0.75 cme credits

FMCSA Alternative Vision Standard

This webinar will review changes in the newly announced alternative vision standard. This will permit individuals who do not satisfy, with the worse eye, either the existing distant visual acuity standard with corrective lenses or the field of vision standard, or both, to be physically qualified to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) in interstate commerce under specified conditions. Currently, such individuals are prohibited from driving CMVs in interstate commerce unless they obtain an exemption from FMCSA. The new alternative vision standard replaces the current vision exemption program as the basis for determining the physical qualification of these individuals.

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International Component Society of OEM Business Meeting

Inaugural business meeting of the International Component Society of OEM (ICSOEM) to hold officer elections and begin developing bylaws and program planning. Must be an ICSOEM member to register and attend.

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ACOEM Practice Guidelines

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Special Interest

Commercial Driver Medical Examiner Center

Commercial Driver Medical Examiner Center

Commercial driver medical examiners (CDMEs) ensure that commercial vehicle operators are qualified to drive. ACOEM provides CDME training and publishes a newsletter for providers.

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Public Safety Medicine Center

Public Safety Medicine Center

OEM professionals protect workers who protect the public, including firefighters, law enforcement officers, correctional officers, and crossing guards. ACOEM publishes guidance for those who provide medical treatment to law enforcement officers. 

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Medical Review Officer Center

Medical Review Officer Center

Medical review officers (MROs) review results from drug-testing programs and evaluate medical explanations for certain results. ACOEM is the educational provider of choice for MROs. ACOEM also publishes a newsletter for MROs.

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