Launch of OEM Explore Creates Buzz at AOHC

The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) has announced the launch of OEM Explore, a revolutionary career research platform that unlocks the untapped job market for members of the College. OEM Explore is a map-based interface with profiles on virtually every employer and work site in the industry and a toolset that allows members to easily engage with any employer on the map. 

“We’re showing members the entire market for their skills and eliminating the friction of engaging with employers to explore career options and find where they belong”, said newly-installed ACOEM President Dr. Kenji Saito. “Beyond personal networking, OEM Explore is the only tool an occupational medicine provider needs to compare options in any geographic area.  This unique map interface allows us to add layers of rich community and industry data material to lifestyle and professional decision making.”

“Occupational and environmental medicine is a fast-growing and dynamic field that is attracting physicians, PAs, and nurse practitioners who seek alternatives to traditional practice,” Dr. Saito said. “OEM careers offer work-life balance, interesting new challenges, and freedom from many of the pressures that peers in traditional practice settings face.” 

“We partnered with MedGeo Ventures to build and operate OEM Explore”, said ACOEM CEO Craig Sondalle. “They were instrumental in merging our data with 3rd party sources to find nearly 8,000 locations where OEM is practiced. MedGeo developed the map interface and systems that make OEM Explore possible. We will continue to rely on the MedGeo team for operational support and execution of our exciting product roadmap.”  

Jarod Collins, EVP at MedGeo said, “Most association job boards represent a sampling of what are, typically, hard-to-fill jobs leaving members with a justified fear of missing out. Members are forced to register with a half dozen career sites in a fruitless effort to understand the scope and scale of the job market. OEM Explore got it right for members by doing the hard work of aggregating an accurate and comprehensive picture of the market and serving it to members in an attractive, easy-to-use platform. Best of all is the feature set that allows members to explore unadvertised and future opportunities before anyone else. OEM Explore is a true member benefit.”


About ACOEM:
ACOEM is a professional medical organization dedicated to promoting the health and safety of workers, workplaces, and the environment. The organization was founded in 1916 and has since become a leading authority on occupational and environmental medicine. 
The College is committed to advancing the field of occupational and environmental medicine through education, research, and advocacy – members include physicians, researchers, and other healthcare professionals who specialize in the prevention and management of occupational and environmental injuries and illnesses.

About MedGeo Ventures:
MedGeo is a map-based career exploration platform that's purpose-built for medical association members and employers. Our white-labeled, interactive experience gives associations more ways to improve the member experience with advanced search filters, robust comparative data, and an enjoyable search experience for job seekers. MedGeo is on a mission to help leading medical societies become the definitive gateway to hiring in their field of practice. Learn more at


Charles Peckman, Communications Strategist

MedGeo Ventures
Jarod Collins, Executive Vice President