Practice Resources

Emergency Preparedness & Management Center

Occupational health professionals, including physicians, nurses, industrial hygiene, and safety professionals, constitute a health system that parallels the governmental public health program in dealing with critical disaster events.

Their employer-focused expertise and training in public health is a rich resource to deal with every kind of emergency, including

  • Terrorism
  • Infectious outbreak
  • Meteorological catastrophe
  • Geological crisis

all while balancing the employer’s need for work continuity and productive activity.

Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and gun violence impact and target workers in their employment. These events trigger a steep increase in expectations and opportunities for occupational health professionals to respond to the menace of workplace mass-casualty events.

ACOEM’s Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Management Center provides important information and links to relevant government (federal, state, and local) agencies to address all types of emergencies including disease outbreaks.