Public Safety Medicine

Special Interest Section
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Public Safety Medicine section leadership
Chair Fabrice Czarnecki
Secretary/Treasurer Joe Mignogna
Vice Chair Edward Galaid
Who Should Join?

Members are providers who care for police officers, fire fighters, security guards, prison guards and specialized security forces (FBI, Secret Service, CIA, etc) both in the civilian and military realms.


The function of this section is to provide a forum for physicians and other health professionals to exchange ideas, provide a source of current information, provide educational opportunities, and develop consensus and position statements, regarding fire, police, corrections officers, crossing guards, and other public safety professionals.

This section is concerned with the unique medical and occupational health concerns of public safety per-sonnel. The objectives of this section include:

  1. Defining physical requirements for qualification for these jobs based on current scientific concepts.
  2. Educating physicians and other caregivers regarding toxic and other exposures as well as injuries which are specific to these professions.
  3. Encouraging research in the many areas in this field which will require more scientific data to es-tablish standards for care, qualification, and disqualification of these professionals. 
Highlighted Activities 
  • Created and continue work on the ACOEM document “Guidance for the Medical Evaluation of Law Enforcement Officers”.
  • Present at AOHC and regional conferences on Public Safety Medicine Topics.
  • Hold annual in-person meeting at AOHC.