Health & Human Performance

Special Interest Section
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Who Should Join?

All individuals interested in workplace health and wellness initiatives, those wanting a more comprehensive understanding of health and productivity in the workplace, and members wishing to participate in research/projects on workplace health and wellness.


The Section on Health and Human Performance shall:

  • Identify, qualify, conceptualize and prepare for implementation opportunities for ACOEM to partner with entities such as PHARMA Corporations, Employers, Unions, Academia, etc.
  • Develop and promulgate consensus guidelines and/or standards for the assessment and evaluation of measurements of productivity and systems for tracking such measurements in the workplace
  • Facilitate, promote, arrange for and/or conduct primary, secondary, and tertiary research on such measurements and tracking systems either alone or in partnership with others
  • Refine such measurements and tracking systems based on the findings of such research
  • Identify and implement products and services that ACOEM either alone or in partnership can make available to those in need of such measurements and tracking systems
  • Submit reports on its work at each regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors and/or at others times as needed
  • Plan educational meetings on Health and Productivity for ACOEM members and other key stakeholders 
Highlighted Activities  
  • Development and ongoing updates to the HPM Toolkit™ and the HPM Clinic. 
  • Conducted survey among members and HR/benefits professions on understanding of HPM. 
  • Conducted research project on medication adherence.
  • Conduct sessions at AOHC on HPM.
  • Hold teleconferences every other month.
  • Hold annual in-person meeting at AOHC.
  • Sponsor web conferences such as the recent "Who Survives? How Benefit Costs Are Killing Your Company".
  • Sponsor the HPM Clinic and Worksite Wellness Courses.