Finances and Practice Management

Special Interest Section
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Finances and Practice Management section LEADership
Chair David Caretto
Secretary/Treasurer Suvag Patnaik
Vice Chair Michael Wirsching
Who Should Join? 

ACOEM members interested in understanding the revenue side of occupational medicine practice, including marketing and promotion, coding, billing, contracting and compensation.  


Function: To create an action group within ACOEM focused on OEM practice management issues, especially marketing, administrative, regulatory, operational and financial issues unique to occupational & environmental medicine practice in its many forms.


  • To provide a gathering place for members with expertise in these matters to share what they know;
  • To provide a voice for members who think these issues are important to the continued viability of our specialty as a whole, and to the sustainability of their own livelihoods; 
  • To create an informal community that will share concerns, and also contribute education and resources to one another and other members. 
  • To initiate development of potential ACOEM policies, procedures, courses, resource materials, member services, and advocacy efforts related to these topics.  
  • To be mindful of ethical and legal risks and actively discourage discussion of fees or any other activities that could be considered collusion to fix prices.


Organization: Section membership is open to all ACOEM members, with no qualifications other than payment of section dues. Section members communicate with each other and conduct projects throughout the year as members desire or in collaboration with the Board of Directors or ACOEM staff. The Section will hold at least one business meeting a year in conjunction with AOHC. The Section may sponsor courses at AOHC, propose Resolutions to the House of Delegates, or advocate action by the ACOEM Board of Directors or staff. The Section is an internal organization only and has no role outside the confines of ACOEM. 

Highlighted Activities
  • Focus on CPT coding issues.
  • Plan to sponsor a concurrent session at AOHC.
  • Other relevant activities will be planned throughout the year.