Recruitment Techniques

Here are specific examples of activities and techniques your component can use to get prospects and members engaged in the organization. 
Table at Events
At every event your component hosts, have a sign in or registration table to confirm contact information and welcome attendees. Have sponsor funded swag bags to give all attendees. Follow up with all attendees to thank them for attending and invite them to future events. 
Invite-a-Friend Campaign
Recruiting the networks of your current members and leaders is an effective approach as many people share values and interests with their friends and colleagues.

ACOEM's number one recruiting method as reported on the "How you heard about ACOEM" field is word of mouth. If every component member successfully invited one of their colleagues to join, your component could double in size.
Exhibit Tables at Partner Events
Find organization conferences, meetings, and events where your component can host a table or booth space to meet potential members, engage current members, and raise awareness about the field of OEM. Hand out component materials and swag, such a brochures, pens, and other items that draw attendees to your table. Collect contact information for booth visitors and follow up with a personalized email after the event. 
ACOEM Ambassador Program
Sign up to host a lunch and learn or grand rounds at a nearby medical school. ACOEM will help coordinate lunch and free swag for medical student attendees. 
Partner Opportunities
Partnering with medical organizations that have shared values can help you reach new audiences, such as other nonprofit associations or learning institutions. Search Google or Guidestar to find potential partners in your area.