Volunteer Position Description Template

Below is a template for a position description. Use this as a guide and customize a position description that is applicable to component. Positions descriptions should be reviewed annually with outgoing and incoming volunteer positions to ensure accuracy.
The component may also consider creating a committee description that is specific to the committee and not one particular position (if applicable).

Download a copy of the position description template.

Position Title
Overview of Position
  • Provide a 2-4 sentence overview of what the position encompasses.
  • Think of this as the elevator pitch when someone asks about the position.
  • Make sure to connect the position to the mission of the organization.
Length of term (# of years)
  • Is the position part of a temporary task force/workgroup? Or is it an annual position?
  • How many years is the term?
  • Can the person in this position serve multiple terms?
  • Ensure that what is stated here matches the component bylaws.
Time Commitment
  • What is the estimated time commitment the volunteer will make on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis?
  • Does the position require a time commitment that is busier in a portion of the year? (for example, related to an annual conference or member event.)
Position Scope and Reporting Requirements
  • Does the position report to a committee chair? Or, does the person report directly to the board?
  • How often does this position need to report to somebody and in what format do they provide information?
  • Include what the position decision making authority is including empowerment and limitations.
  • What are the high level goals this position should accomplish?
  • Are there specific goals from the strategic plan that relate to this position?
  • What are the day-to-day responsibilities the person in this position will perform?
  • What are the specific tasks of this position?
  • For example:
  • Prepares to chair the committee by reading available resources on managing committees and reviewing the budget for the year and committee files.
  • Confers with preceding committee chair and staff, and participates in the committee orientation (if applicable).
  • Develops the annual plan for the next program year and works with chair-elect or president-elect and treasurer to incorporate into the overall budget. Communicates the plan and budget to members of the committee (if applicable).
  • Plans the work of the position or committee to maintain fiscal responsibility.
  • Works within the framework of the component plan, budget, and calendar of events.
  • Calls and presides at meetings of the committee in person or by conference call (if applicable).
  • Ensures that minutes of meetings are recorded and distributed as needed.
  • Collaborates with the committee (if applicable) to ensure completion of activities.
  • Writes reports of committee activities and relevant issues for distribution to executive committee or board of directors on a quarterly basis. Prepares the year-end report.
  • Maintains files of materials, providing information about past activities, reports, etc., as relevant to committee function, and assures that permanent records are safely stored and easily transferrable to the new volunteer.
  • Ensures continuity in conducting committee business through orderly transfer of records and materials, orients the incoming committee chair, and encourages attendance at committee meetings.
  • Develops meeting agendas.
  • A tentative agenda will be sent to all members at least two (2) weeks prior to the date of the meeting. 

Skill Requirements
  • Does the person need to have served with a committee/board previously?
  • Do they need expertise in a certain area?
Benefits of the position
  • Does the person in this position receive any specific benefits? (for example, an honorarium or travel fee coverage)
Training Provided
  • List an overview of what training support the position will receive initially as well as ongoing.
  • Minimum should be an orientation to the organization and a training with someone on the same committee.