Committee Roles and Responsibilities

In order for committee work to be accomplished, the committee chair, committee members and staff need to work together, with each fulfilling their respective roles. Below is a guide for determining the responsibilities of a committee chair, staff, and committee member. This should be adjusted to be applicable to each individual component.


Role of a Committee Chair 

  • Facilitates the meeting or conference call.
  • Encourages committee members to provide their thoughts.
  • Provides leadership to assure that the committee charge is met.
  • Collaborates with the treasurer and/or staff to develop and monitor the program of work or goals for the committee.
  • Provides input for setting meeting and conference call agendas.
  • Communicates with other committee chairs or the component president regarding committee issues.
  • Assists in the development of committee reports as required by the committee.
  • Mentors his or her replacement to ensure continuity to the next program year. 

 Role of Committee Members
  • Provides support services and resources (i.e., agendas, minutes, reports, research.)
  • Implements committee decisions.
  • Participates actively in all meetings and conference calls, but does not monopolize the discussion.
  • Respects different points of view.
  • Considers what the members of the organization would think or want.
  • Respects time limits -- they are necessary to achieve what the committee needs to accomplish.
  • Asks for clarification when needed.
  • Provides written or verbal feedback on issues or documents under discussion by the committee.
  • Serves as a spokesperson for issues related to the work of the committee in an effort to assist members in understanding committee decisions.