Policies are formal documents that explain the Component's position on a particular topic of compliance regulations, standards, and guidelines. A policy is used to help an organization set a direction.

A policy functions:
  • Outlines rules and regulations
  • Provides principles that guide actions
  • Sets roles and responsibilities
  • Reflects values and beliefs
  • States an intention to do something
A policy is different from an organizational procedure. Procedures define a particular way something is accomplished through a series of steps. A procedure is often a repetitive approach to accomplishing an end result.

Policies are important because they help the executive committee or board take actions and guide operations. Policies say what is to be done, who is to do it, how it is to be done, and for (or to) whom it is to be done.

Policies are often written by the executive committee or board and may include input from the person who works closest with the policy. Updates may be made as needed and the policy should be reviewed at least every 3 years.

Policies should be reviewed when:
  • Basic needs are not being met
  • People have been treated unfairly
  • Current policies are not enforced or effective
  • Proposed changes in policies and laws would be harmful
  • Existing or emerging conditions pose a threat to public health, safety, education or well-being
Components should consider creating policies to assist with actions and decisions of the executive committee or board.

  • Academy's FNCE Social Media Policy and Exhibitors and Sponsors
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  • File Maintenance and Retention Policy
  • Financial Planning Policy
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