Part 4 Module

NOTICE: The American Board of Preventive Medicine Reduces Transitional MOC Requirements in Response to COVID-19 Outbreak (April 10, 2020)

MOC Part 4: Improvement in Medical Practice
 At the request of the American Board of Preventive Medicine (ABPM), ACOEM developed a program to assist you in completing MOC Part 4 requirements, which is required for ABPM diplomates for continuous certification You should plan on completing the booklet over the course of at least four months.  

The MOC Part 4 booklet will guide you through completion of the required practice performance self-assessment process: review of your current practice performance; identification of an area in your practice that you will target for improvement; development and implementation of a quality improvement plan; and a second assessment to determine ifimprovement of your practice performance was demonstrated.  

MOC Part 4 Overview (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who needs this?  

The ACOEM MOC Part 4 Improvement in Medical Practice program is specifically available for American Board of Preventive Medicine certified physicians. This includes those with time-limited board certificates (those certified starting in 1998 and beyond) as well as some physicians certified prior to 1998 who may need it for credentialing purposes.

What is the intent of ACOEM’s program?  

Completion of this program will result in fulfilling the Part 4 component of the MOC requirements. This does not apply to the other three component parts as administered by the American Board of Preventive Medicine. 

When should a diplomate complete this Part 4 process?  

Diplomates must complete all MOC requirements prior to the expiration date of their certificate.  During the transition period, ABPM is waiving many of the traditional MOC requirements. Check here and here for current information. Note that Diplomates who complete an MOC Part 4 project during the transition period will not have to complete a Performance Improvement Project until after December 31, 2028. 

What does the ACOEM program involve?  

The diplomate will be guided through a self-assessment of their own practice using provided tools. The program is straightforward and practical. 

How do I get the PDF booklet and what is the cost?  

Pricing and purchase details are located here. Once purchased, the MOC Part 4 PDF can be accessed via ACOEM Connect, under Education > Access Online Education. 

How long will it take?  

While the time required to complete the activities themselves is minimal, the program should be completed over a minimum of a four-month time period. Please allow an additional 60 days for the formal review process of your module.    

Completed modules may be submitted electronically to