Guidance and Position Statements

Reference Materials/Related OEM Documents

Selected reference materials and other documents (posted with permission) of importance in the field of OEM.
ACOEM Proposed Alternative Documentation Criteria for Evaluation and Management Encounters

ACOEM's Council on Occupational and Environmental Medicine Practice has developed a proposed functionally oriented approach for documenting Evaluation and Management (E/M) encounters. This approach been designed to fit into the current coding paradigm and levels of care, by making minor but important substitutions in specific elements of history, physical examination and medical decision-­‐making, consistent with research evidence for better clinical outcomes, including promoting optimal participation in social roles. 

United States' Standards and Practices on Workplace Safety and Health: Considerations for Employers with Overseas Employees

This reference document discusses United States (US) employers’ Duty of Care for their employees assigned to overseas work, especially as related to workplace health and safety.

Anaphylaxis Awareness in the Workplace

View videos on addressing anaphylaxis in the workplace.

A Guide to High-Value Physician Services

This joint reference guide from ACOEM and IAIABC defines what constitutes “high-value services” by physicians, and is intended as a practical guide to help system participants seek out and work with such physicians.

ACOEM Code of Ethics

The ACOEM Code of Ethics applies to health professionals who are engaged in the practice of occupational or environmental medicine and addresses distinctive ethical issues that are characteristic and recurring in the practice of occupational and environmental medicine.