Long COVID - ACOEM Guidance Statement

Persistent symptoms are common after acute COVID-19, often referred to as long COVID. Long COVID may affect the ability to perform activities of daily living, including work. Long COVID occurs more frequently in those with severe acute COVID-19. This guidance statement reviews the pathophysiology of severe acute COVID-19 and long COVID and provides pragmatic approaches to long COVID symptoms, syndromes, and conditions in the occupational setting. Disability laws and workers’ compensation are also addressed.
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This guidance paper was developed by ACOEM’s Workgroup on Long COVID. It was approved by ACOEM’s Executive Committee on January 18, 2024. ACOEM requires all substantive contributors to its documents to disclose any potential competing interests, which are carefully considered. ACOEM emphasizes that the judgments expressed herein represent the best available evidence at the time of publication and shall be considered the position of ACOEM and not the individual opinions of contributing authors.