Legalization of Cannabis - Implications for Workplace Safety

ACOEM has revised it 2019 position statement on cannabis use, advocating for increased research and collaboration between all stakeholders in defining and/or measuring the impairment risks of cannabis products use as it relates to the workplace. This includes the development and implementation of scientifically based methods for monitoring and testing for impairment from any of the myriad of substances that can cause it (cannabis, alcohol, illicit drugs, opioids, or other medication whether prescript or over-the-counter). Workplace policies that employers should establish are addressed.

Developed by ACOEM's Task Force on Cannabis: Drs. Natalie Hartenbaum, Paul Farnan, Stephen Frangos, Laura Gillis, Todd Hamel, Michael Holland, Michael Kosnett, Michael Levine, Douglas Martin, Kathryn Russo, Daniel Samo, and James Talmage
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