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Sample social media posts (copy/paste):
  • The combination of #COVID19 and #flu is expected to double the number of patients in the hospital. Do your part and get vaccinated!.
  • It is very important to get your flu vaccine to prevent getting COVID-19 with the flu, to decrease the stress on hospital systems and to protect yourself.
  • Almost everyone over 6 months old should receive the #flu vaccination. Adults 65 years old or older should consider a high dose vaccine. For more information, visit
  • The goal is to have 70% of adults vaccinated against the flu @HHSgov. Help control the spread of #influenza and get your #flushot!
  • The flu vaccine does not give you the #flu, nor will it protect you from #COVID19. It protects you from flu complications and reduces the burden on US health system.
  • The flu vaccine decreases the severity of #flu symptoms and reduces hospitalizations even though it does not protect from flu all of the time. Get your #flushot!
  • Serious flu shot side effects are rare; the most common are soreness at the site of the injection and /or headache. Do your part and get your #flushot!
  • People that have had #COVID19 should get the flu vaccine once recovered.