Excellence in Corporate Health Achievement Award (eCHAA) Committee

Reports To Council on OEM Practice
Leadership Chair and Vice Chair
Member Composition Chair, Vice Chair, 5-9 Members at Large (Fellows, Active) 
Committee Size Limit 7 - 11
2020-2022 Chair Elizabeth Jennison, MD 
2020-2022 Vice Chair Charles Yarborough, MD 

Committee Charges

Supports the College's Strategic plan, mission, vision, and budgetary plan.

Advises the College on the program and administration of the Excellence in Corporate Health Achievement Award.

Determines eligibility criteria for the award.

Updates award standards and examples of standards as needed.

Assists with program promotion, examiner preparation/training, and program evaluation.

Determines award winners (through Judges Panel) to present to the Board of Directors for approval.

​Composition and Charges last updated May 2020.