House / Board Liaison Committee

Reports To Board of Directors
Leadership ACOEM Vice President
Member Composition Vice President, Speaker, Speaker-Elect, Recorder, 2  Board Members
Committee Size Limit 6
2024-2025 Chair Jill Rosenthal, MD, MPH, MA, FACOEM

Committee Charges

Supports the College's vision, mission, strategic plan, and principles of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.  

Reviews the relationship between the House of Delegates and the Board of Directors to improve collaboration and identify opportunities for improvement.

Considers resolutions proposed by the House but rejected by the Board once referred by the House.
   a)  The recommendations of the Joint House/Board Liaison Committee shall be referred back to the Board for consideration. [Bylaws, Article XI, Section 3, (a).]  

Composition and Charges last updated May 2023.