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Live Course 3.0 cme credits

Georgia CACOEM Seminar

The Georgia CACOEM invites you to the Exposed at Work, What to Do? Seminar. Sessions will cover how to utilize patch testing, toxicological tests, and measure indoor air quality to decide on causation and diagnostics.

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Live Course 6.5 cme credits

2019 TCOEM Annual Scientific Meeting

2019 TCOEM Annual Scientific Meeting theme is Workplace Wellness. Speakers will cover diverse topics such as: updates from Tennessee’s Workers’ Compensation Bureau, physician wellness, and worksite wellness interventions.

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Live Course 1.0 cme credits

2019 WOEMA Webinar Series: Implementing the New 2019 CDC Guidelines on TB Screen

This 2019 WOEMA Webinar Series session will review the May 2019 CDC MMWR Guidelines on TB screening or US healthcare personnel as well as cover key items discussed in the soon to be published companion paper on implementing these new guidelines, with a focus on practical approaches, what’s changed, LTBI treatment and case reviews.

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Practice Guidelines: Your ACOEM Member Benefit!

Practice Guidelines: Defining Excellence

ACOEM defines best practices for key areas of occupational medical care and disability management. Learn how to use the most effective treatment to provide better patient care.

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Special Interest

Commercial Driver Medical Examiner Center

Commercial Driver Medical Examiner Center

Commercial driver medical examiners (CDMEs) ensure that commercial vehicle operators are qualified to drive. ACOEM provides CDME training and publishes a newsletter for providers.

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Public Safety Medicine Center

Public Safety Medicine Center

OEM professionals protect workers who protect the public, including firefighters, law enforcement officers, correctional officers, and crossing guards. ACOEM publishes guidance for those who provide medical treatment to law enforcement officers. 

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Medical Review Officer Center

Medical Review Officer Center

Medical review officers (MROs) review results from drug-testing programs and evaluate medical explanations for certain results. ACOEM is the educational provider of choice for MROs. ACOEM also publishes a newsletter for MROs.

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Occupational Medical Society Urges U.S. Congress to Consider the Implications for Workplace Safety if Marijuana Is Legalized

Marijuana is an impairing substance and its legalization has huge public and workplace health implications. The U.S. Congress should proceed deliberately and consider workplace safety when dealing with this complex issue.

Integrating Occupational Safety and Health with Workplace Wellness

Ohio workplace wellness grant program targets smaller employers. 

Bigger Companies Score Higher on Total Worker Health Implementation

Compared to larger companies, small businesses need help in introducing the Total Worker Health® (TWH) approach to worker health and safety.