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IOMSC Global Insights: How Healthcare Worker Safety Impacts Patient Safety

This webinar will address how compassionate leadership of health care workers during this crisis could improve patient experiences. We will share examples from several countries on how they are addressing and implementing strategies to promote the safety and health of health care workers.

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WOHC 2020

The Western Occupational Health Conference is dedicated to high-quality medical care and ethical principles governing the practice of occupational medicine. It aims to change the way the constituents practice medicine such that the health and well-being of their patients improve and it specifically seeks to prevent occupational illness and injury and expedite patient recovery time from injury.

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Virtual Event 10.0 cme credits

2020 Tristate OMA Conference

The Tristate OMA Annual Conference has gone virtual, offering 2 hour sessions over 5 Saturdays. Topics include Neurologic manifestations with COVID and RTW Considerations, Innovations in Hearing Conservation, PTSD: Diagnosis, Treatment and RTW Considerations in Veterans, plus more!

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Practice Guidelines: Your ACOEM Member Benefit!

Practice Guidelines: Defining Excellence

ACOEM defines best practices for medical care and disability management. Learn how to use the most effective treatment to provide better patient care.

Read how to reduce opioid subscriptions by implementing ACOEM’s Opioid Guideline.

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Commercial Driver Medical Examiner Center

Commercial Driver Medical Examiner Center

Commercial driver medical examiners (CDMEs) ensure that commercial vehicle operators are qualified to drive. ACOEM provides CDME training and publishes a newsletter for providers.

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Public Safety Medicine Center

Public Safety Medicine Center

OEM professionals protect workers who protect the public, including firefighters, law enforcement officers, correctional officers, and crossing guards. ACOEM publishes guidance for those who provide medical treatment to law enforcement officers. 

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Medical Review Officer Center

Medical Review Officer Center

Medical review officers (MROs) review results from drug-testing programs and evaluate medical explanations for certain results. ACOEM is the educational provider of choice for MROs. ACOEM also publishes a newsletter for MROs.

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During COVID-19, Job and Financial Worries Are Affecting Mental Health

Even people who are still employed during the COVID-19 pandemic, worry about future job loss and its financial impact. This job insecurity is linked to depression, and indirectly related to greater anxiety symptoms due to greater financial concern, reports a study in the September issue of JOEM.

Recommendations for Promoting the Use of Functional Patient-Reported Outcomes Measures in Medical Practice Settings Published

ACOEM and the American Psychological Association in collaboration with NIOSH convened a Patient-reported Functional Status Symposium in June 2019, to discuss and promote the use of functional patient-reported outcomes measures (fPROMs) in all medical practice settings.

Low Leadership Quality Predicts High Risk of Long-Term Sickness Absence

Risk for long-term sickness absence (LTSA) increases by 60 percent where employees rate leadership quality low reports a study in the August issue of JOEM.