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For questions: e-mail OHDEN's moderator, Gary Greenberg, MD 


The Occupational Health Advisory Committee (OH-AC) has four primary goals:  
  • To integrate the capabilities of the occupational health system into the nationís public health preparedness and response effort;
  • To incorporate occupational safety and health professionals as key members of the public health infrastructure;
  • To enhance preparedness of the occupational health community to protect workers and their families; and
  • To maintain business continuity

Background and Significance

An estimated 125 million Americans go to work every day. At many workplaces, employers and their employees rely on occupational health providers for health information and care. Occupational and environmental health professionals represent a workplace health system that parallels the general public health system in dealing with threats, hazards, and injuries unique to workplace organizations. Following the World Trade Center and anthrax terrorist attacks in the fall of 2001, the demands on and expectations of occupational health professionals changed dramatically. Their scope of responsibility and the requirements for their expertise and instant response grew from dealing with workplace-specific hazards and injuries to being prepared to confront mass-casualty weapons and other large-scale threats to the workplace. Occupational health professionals now need to make themselves expert advisors on chemical, biological and radiological threats as well as on naturally occurring emerging and reemerging infectious diseases.

One important role of the Occupational Health Disaster Expert Network is to receive and to provide high-quality information on threats, vulnerabilities, opportunities, and steps to improve the protection of workers and their environments. It will accomplish this in part by providing up-and-down links of occupational health professionals with the HHS (Office of Public Health Emergency Preparedness), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC's NIOSH), the Healthcare and Public Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center (HPH-ISAC) and the Infrastructure Monitoring, Analysis, and Coordination (IMAC) branch of the Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection (IAIP) directorate of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). OHDEN will also provide lateral links between occupational health professionals on the front lines of disaster response for workplaces.

OH professionals are in a unique position to supplement ongoing health surveillance activities. To be able to fulfill these responsibilities, the OH community must have access to preparedness and threat information and a secure communications link to communicate with fellow OH professionals as well as HHS and DHS.


About the Occupational Health Disaster Expert Network 

OHDEN is the embodiment of the Occupational Health Advisory Committee (OH AC)'s activities. It represents a dynamic network of professionals and applicable resources.


  • Repository of selected and targeted references
  • Library of reviewed web content
  • Active community of credentialed experts
  • Professional forum for planning, training, and response
  • Communication network for urgent alerts
An essential resource to enable occupational health to fulfill its potential as a parallel public-health network to preserve the critical infrastructure of the nationís workforce and productivity.

OHDEN in development

The most recent OHDEN demo / introductory presentation (including example crisis and questions, and the palpable dreams of the committee's imagination), is available for unrestricted download and viewing in PowerPoint.

OHDEN_Demonstration (May 2005, 10 Meg)

Collaborating Organizations:
American Association of Occupational Health Nurses
American College of Occupational & Environmental Medicine
The MITRE Corporation
The Dept. of Homeland Security DHS Logo
The Dept. of Health & Human Services
Office of Public Health Emergency Preparedness
DHHS logo

Since the program and the resources are still very much a pilot program, the only current users are the individuals actively involved in its evaluation and planning. The OHDEN content / collaboration site within HSIN is only available upon application and approval by its planners.  This should change in just the next months, as the program becomes more stable and better supported by financial and intellectual resources.

Links for registered and vetted OHDEN members: 
For those not registered and approved for the the OHDEN development and testing effort, the web-links above will reach only a rather inhospitable sign-in request.

Here for the secure entrance to the HSIN-HPH (Homeland Security Information Network, Health & Public Health sector portal.

Here for the Occupational Health internal sub-portal (the functioning OHDEN site).

Here for technical support for the HSIN-HPH site. This is a 24/7 resource, and also available by phone: (703) 674-3003. They can help with bunged passwords / login problems and navigation problems.

Otherwise, e-mail OHDEN's moderator, Gary Greenberg, MD for questions or to be listed as an interested participant when OHDEN is activated for wider enrollment and general use.

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