ACOEM Elections

Polls Open November 1 for the 2020 ACOEM Elections!

The polls are now open for online voting in ACOEM's Annual Election of Board Officers and Directors. Eligible ACOEM members (Active, Fellows, Masters, Residents, and Past Presidents) have the opportunity to vote until 11:59pm CST on December 15.
The election is being handled by an outside vendor (Simply Voting) to ensure confidentiality and ease of voting. Eligible voters will receive an email which will include instructions, the link to the voting site, and your unique login. The email will be from "" with the display name "ACOEM." You will not be able to access the voting site through ACOEM.

Only eligible voters will receive an email with a unique Elector ID and Password. View a Sample Email.

Candidate Slate:
It is our pleasure to announce the slate of candidates for ACOEM’s 2019 Election. This year twelve nominees will stand for six positions on the Board of Directors: Vice President*, Treasurer, Young Physician Director, and three Directors. The candidate(s) elected in each race will take office at AOHC 2020 in Washington, DC. The candidates and the offices for which they are running are listed below. 
(1) Vice President (2020-21)*
  • James W. Butler, MD, MPH, MRO, FACOEM
  • Kenji Saito, MD, JD, MRO, AME, FACOEM
(1) Treasurer (2020-22) no vacancy
(3) Directors (2020-23)
  • Mary Jo Capodice, DO, FACOEM
  • Victoria A. Cassano, MD, MPH, FACOEM  
  • Jasminka Goldoni Laestadius, MD, PhD, FACOEM
  • Albert J. Osbahr III, MD, MSCM, FACOEM  
  • Warren Silverman, MD, FACOEM
  • Melanie D. Swift, MD, MPH, FACOEM
(1) Young Physician Director (2020-23) no vacancy 

*The candidate elected to the office of Vice President will serve one year as vice president (20221-20), one year as president-elect (2022-23), one year as president (2023-24) and one year as immediate past-president (2024-25).
Election FAQs:
  • Can a member log-in multiple times in the voting site? Yes. 
  • Can they use the same logging information that was provided to them in the original email?  Yes. 
  • If they start making their selection and leave the site without voting, the next time they log-in will the system remember their selection or will they have to start the process again?  If you log in and leave without voting, you will need to start over the next time you log in.   
  • What if someone voted and wants to change/add to their vote?  This is not allowed.  Once you click the submit button, you will not have access to the ballot again.  

Questions about Elections?
Contact Lucy Free at or at 847-818-1800.