Component Membership Committee

Forming a Membership Committee for your component is a great strategy  to distribute responsibilites and ensure recruitment and engagment opportunities are set up in a sustainable manner. A Membership Committee is also a great way to improve the leadership succession.

Committee Description

Goal of Committee: Recruit new ACOEM members, onboard new members, engage existing members, aid in retention strategies.

Core responsibilities of committee members: 
Call new and potential members
Send welcome and follow up emails
Hold one-on-one conversations
Full Scope of responsibilities:
Develop and implement a recruitment plan for new members through activities such as:
  • Personal contacts
  • Informal meetings
  • Planned component and ACOEM events
  • Potential partners
Work with the Planning Committee to organize member-only events or free events for members (non-members can attend for a fee) to engage current members and reinforce the value of membership. Keep these activities limited for new/prospective members so there is still energy and interest in recruiting events. 

See Recruitment Techniques for more specific ways to increase membership.