Volunteer Management Committee

The component may choose to have a volunteer management coordinator or committee. This position or committee is tasked with assisting the executive committee or board in tracking open volunteer positions at the committee chair and member level, keeping position descriptions updated, recruiting and vetting potential volunteers, maintaining a volunteer database, and tracking volunteer engagement and satisfaction. This position is a year-round position whereas a nominating committee may only focus on the organization’s election and ballot.

Volunteer Management Chair Position Overview

The volunteer management chair is in charge of overseeing the success of current volunteers and committees. The chair will work with other committee chairs to ensure all volunteer positions are filled, position descriptions are up to date and accurate, and that volunteers are being actively engaged.  

Responsibilities include:
  • Serving as a liaison between potential volunteers and committee chairs.
  • Overseeing volunteer management committee members and delegating tasks.
  • Establishing and maintaining a system of monitoring and evaluating volunteer effectiveness and satisfaction.
  • Helping the executive committee, board, and nominating committee in identifying emerging leaders for higher level positions.
  • Establish and maintain an orientation system.
  • Establish and maintain ongoing volunteer and leadership training programs.
  • Work closely with the nominating committee chair and committee to provide direction in the recruitment of new volunteers.
  • Other duties as designed by the chair or president.

Volunteer Management Members Overview

If the workload requires a committee in addition to the chair, the committee members of the volunteer management committee will be delegated to one or more of the following tasks by the volunteer management chair:
  • Maintain a list or database of potential volunteers including interest areas, availability, and resume/CV.
  • Maintain a list or database of position descriptions of all volunteer positions.
  • Work with other committee chairs, executive committee, or board to fill vacancies
  • Conduct ongoing monitoring and evaluation systems for volunteers.
  • Establish and maintain an active volunteer recruitment campaign.
  • Connect with new potential volunteers and guide them through the selection process.
  • Conduct orientation programs.
  • Develop/conduct/organize volunteer and leadership training programs.