Committee Description Template

Below is a template for a position description. Use this as a guide and customize a committee description that is applicable to the component. Committee descriptions should be reviewed annually with outgoing and incoming volunteer positions to ensure accuracy.
Download a copy of the Committee Description template.

Committee Name
Purpose of the Committee
  • Provide a 2-4 sentence overview of what the purpose of the committee is.
  • Think of this as the elevator pitch when someone asks about the committee.
  • Make sure to connect the committee to the mission of the organization.
Committee Size
  • How many members make up the composition of the committee?
  • Is there a chair?
  • Are there defined positions within the committee?
Committee Meetings
  • How often will the committee meet?
  • Will meetings be via teleconference, virtually, or in-person?
  • What are the high level goals this committee should accomplish?
  • Are there specific goals from the strategic plan that relate to this committee?
Reporting Requirements
  • Does the committee report directly to the board? Is there a defined position on the executive committee or board to whom this committee reports?
  • How often does this position need to report and in what format should the committee provide information?
  • Include what the committee decision making authority is including empowerment and limitations.