Rate Your Strategic Plan

Use the checklist below to determine if the strategic plan positions the component for success.
Yes No Does the strategic plan clearly define the long-range objectives the organization seeks to achieve, or is it more of an ongoing "job description" of the organization's key functions?    
Yes No Is the plan reviewed annually and adjusted for changes in your organization and its members’ environment?
Yes No Is there a clear delineation between long-range strategy and short-term actions?
Yes No Is there a rational and organized process in place for annual prioritization of goals and objectives? Does the process involve more than one person?
Yes No Does the strategic planning process drive operational (programming and budgeting) processes?
Yes No Does the strategic plan reflect the management of existing programs as well as the development of new programs and services?
Yes No Do volunteer leaders understand the strategic plan and does their involvement in implementation of the plan reflect knowledge and commitment?
Yes No Is there an accountability procedure for implementation of the strategic plan and annual plan of work for the executive committee or board? Committees?
Yes No Does the planning process anticipate fiscal changes likely to occur during the plan’s life cycle?
Yes No Are the governance, committee and staff structures of the organization consistent with the organization’s strategy?