Communicate the Strategic Plan

Once the strategic plan is developed, the communication plan will determine the success of its effectiveness.

Communicating the strategic plan to all members will create an environment of empowerment, generational synergy, teamwork, inclusiveness and collaboration.
Key strategies of a communication plan:
  • Use a consistent message that’s easily remembered
  • Use a tone that creates excitement
  • Convey the theme and strategic plan concepts to stakeholders
  • Utilize various touch points communicating your message.  (i.e. print, social media, telephone, electronic, and face to face).
  • Create a talking points template to assist executive committee and board members /task force members in facilitating two-way discussions with stakeholders.
  • Establish electronic communication for members to ask questions and provide input about the strategic plan through the organization’s website.
  • Provide notices/articles to appropriate publications.
  • Present at meetings, seminars and workshops (locally, district, state or regional).
  • Use handouts at targeted meetings.

Communication Checklist
 Yes   No   Have members of my organization been notified of our strategic planning process?
 Yes   No   Do members outside the board or strategic planning task force have any opportunity to provide input prior to the development?
 Yes   No   Are all board members aware of the strategic plan and have talking points available for their use in discussing the main points to members?
 Yes   No   Is the strategic plan concise and easy to read?
 Yes   No   Has plan been communicated to members through all available means
(electronic, print, face to face meetings)?
 Yes   No   Has an opportunity been created for members to provide feedback or ask questions about the plan?
 Yes   No   Is a communication tool available for the different groups within the organization to document the process of the plan?
 Yes   No  Is a system available to inform members of periodical updates of the strategic plan?