Component Leader Hub

Welcome, Component Leaders! Thank you for volunteering your time and talent to ACOEM and OEM providers.  Consider this Hub your one–stop shop to access resources that will help you lead and guide your Components.

Be a Mission Driven Organization  

Understanding Leadership Roles

This leadership and change management section will be take you through high-level key concepts of leading an organization, especially through changes.

Component Governance Resources

Whether your component is in the first stages of developing a governance structure, restructuring, or is simply maintaining a current structure, the resources available will provide guidance to stay on track and enable growth year over year. 
  • Mission and Vision
  • Bylaws and Guiding Principles
  • Strategic Plan
  • Volunteer Structure
  • Policies

Membership Recuitment and Engagement

Component Leadership Community

Communications, additional resources, and discussion board for all Component Leaders. Requires member log in. 

Component Relations Committee

Resources for Components