Guide to a Healthy and Safe Workplace

The Guide to a Healthy and Safe Workplace includes all the components recommended by ACOEM for Excellence. The Guide is divided into three Dimensions with 19 standards:
  • Economic: Organization and management, injury/illness management, absence/disability management, integrated health and productivity management, health/safety information systems
  • Environmental: Health evaluation of employees, workplace health hazard evaluations, education on worksite hazards, personal protective equipment, toxicological assessment/planning, external environment, emergency preparedness
  • Social: Evaluation/quality improvement, innovation, social/community responsibility, health benefits management, travelers' health, health promotion/wellness, mental/behavioral health and misuse of substances
Each dimension contains the ACOEM standards for the area and examples of how these standards have been interpreted and implemented. Examples of outcome measures and trends are also provided. 

If you are applying for the Excellence in Corporate Health Achievement Award, the Guide will steer your organization through all the components you must address in your  application.

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