Article XIII -- Dues

Section 1. Annual Dues and Special Assessments.
(a) The amount of the College’s annual dues and of any special assessment of a specified amount, payable by each class of members shall be established by the Board of Directors. Members may petition the College for reduction or waiver of dues due to personal financial circumstances.
(b) Each component society shall establish the amount of its component dues. The Board of Directors may establish a maximum limit on the amount of component society dues. The College shall collect from its members both the dues owing to the College and those owed to the component society. That portion which is designated for the component society shall be paid to the component society by the College periodically.
Section 2. Sanctions for Failure to Pay.
(a) Any member whose dues or assessments are overdue by sixty (60) or more days shall be ineligible to vote or to be a candidate for elective office and shall not be deemed to be a member in good standing.
(b) Any member who shall fail to make full payment of any dues or assessment within thirty (30) days of the due date established by the Board of Directors shall be given notice by the secretary-treasurer by mail that his or her membership shall be terminated thirty (30) days thereafter unless all delinquent dues and assessments are paid within that period. If the delinquent member neither makes payment in full during that grace period nor provides to the Executive Committee an explanation satisfactory to the Executive Committee for nonpayment, then the secretary-treasurer shall remove the name of the delinquent member from the membership rolls of the College. Such a delinquent member may be reinstated to membership by the Membership Committee at its discretion upon payment of the delinquent dues and assessments.